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Time to Revolt!

What happens when you put 4 guys together from Northwest England UK to form a hard rock band in less than 2 months?  You get some kick ass music, that's what.  Watch as we follow these 4 guys from first getting together to recording to performing live.  

Meet Diz, Ben, Tony and Arran or as you will soon know them, Zen Revolt. 


"As a band, we have been together for a few weeks now and we are getting better as each week passes."

Diz (June 14, 2019)

"We just concentrate on the songs we have done and the songs we also are going to do in the future. The unsigned music scene is not getting as much attention as it should be. We are here to not only share our amazing music with people but to also give it 110% each and every time, no matter where we are."

Diz (June 14, 2019)

"We enjoy music in every way and we are really excited for everything that happens and everyone we meet along the way in the future for Zen Revolt."

Diz (June 15, 2019)

A rough cut of our original song "Lead"

A rough cut of our original song "Don't Want No Heartache Woman"

"As the main songwriter at the moment and introducing the guys to the material, I've been amazed as to how quickly the guys have taken the songs into their own playing and creative skill... with over 450 songs in my library its actually quite difficult to pick which ones will work and which ones get shelved."

"I believe with the guys in the band, we have picked the right songs now, with the first 5 of 16 songs nearly completed and ready for studio with 4 tracks secured for our EP.  Then, we'll distribute and get some live shows later in 2019 and into 2020 and be ready for the album release LEAD in 2020..."

Diz (June 15, 2019)

"We enjoy music in every way and we are really excited for everything that happens and everyone we meet along the way in the future for Zen Revolt."

Diz (June 15, 2019)

A rough cut of our original song "Bleed Beneath My Skin"

A rough cut of our original song "Into the Night."

TRR:  Diz, tell us a bit about where the inspiration for your song "Lead" came from.  This is a very cool song and I'm looking forward to hearing the full production.

Diz:  Lead is about the strength falling from a man who is falling into depression, which is a massive issue for many men, and his feeling of lead, both in weight and texture of mind, and how a simple word or quick hello from someone a friend family member could help.

TRR:  This song is very cool.  I hear some Deep Purple (Roger Glover bass line), Tool and Bad Company in there.


Diz:  They're all influences of mine, especially Bad Company, and the guys share very similar styles and tastes.  I think what's defining about ZEN REVOLT is as wer'e getting to know each other musically and freedom of play is starting to push through, I'm hearing loads of influences, which gives ZEN a great foundation...   As for the likening to Roger Glover on the bass line, which is primarily following the guitar riff, I'll take that one bro!  :)

TRR:  What about as a song writer?  What do you rely on?

Diz:  As a song writer, I rely totally on power of lyric melody and structure. I'm old school.  I love knowing that a song has a beginning, middle and end like the 3 acts to a film script, telling a story and along the way, trying to make it accessible for people to listen to, learn the lyrics and then sing with us at gigs and really get to know the band's music and have a great gig with us.   

TRR:  Another song you guys are working on is "Live in Your Time."  Tell us a bit about that one.

Diz:  This song came from a line I over heard from a news piece about its time to live in our time and try
to not put too much pressure on gains and material possessions otherwise, we just spend our time lying and dying inside.

TRR:  Do you believe that?  That people spend too much time on trying to get those "material possessions" and not spend enough quality time on the now and living for every moment?

Diz:  I do and in someways, a good portion of social interaction is missing.  People just don't speak to each other as often or as good as I remember... Being mindful and in the moment is so vital.   It means you're where you are and if you're grateful for what you have, that's a great place.  Besides, when you really think about it, what do we actually need and want in life?   I want a helicopter, but do I really need one?   I want billions but do I really need billions?

TRR:  Good explanation.   I agree with everything you've said.  I, myself, tend to use the text option too much rather than pick up the phone and call.  I need to work on that.  I'm sure my wife would agree too. 

Our drummer has left due to personal reasons which we respect completely wish him luck in his future.


TRR:  How did all of you meet?  Is there an interesting story behind this?


Diz:  How any band meets is a story in itself.  How it’s fate, destiny or just pure luck. To find guys who want to play the material let alone work hard at getting it studio ready live ready then work towards gigs touring is next to impossible but find each other we did. I knew Tony as a friend and he is a solid guy and fantastic guitarist, we work so well as a twin guitar set up. Fatal was an answer to an advertisement but once we all met it was as if we knew each other for years, great guys.


TRR:  How would you classify your music genre? 


Diz:  ZEN REVOLT…its as simple as that we want ZEN REVOLT to be classed as its own mix of loads of styles and sounds, but if you like, we are Heavy classic metal melodic blues epic funk Rock with a bit of jazz in there .


TRR:  That’s a mouthful of sounds!  If you weren’t in a band, what do you think you’d be doing instead?  I’m going to assume that since you guys are such a new band, you all have day jobs?


Diz:  Being in ZEN REVOLT is new to us all, but yes, the guys all have jobs. Tony is a long-distance driver and ex-military and Fatal does graphics.  As for me, well I’m living my dream. I’m a full-time musician-songwriter and have been for over 25 years. So, if I wasn’t in ZEN, I’d still be living the dream.


TRR:  Who are some of your musical influences?


Diz:  I think collectively we are pretty the same with everything from classic rock to doom metal but what does come through as main influences are definitely Queen, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Dream Theatre to name but a few as a guitarist, there are so many.  But the top 3 for me are Brian May, Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt.


TRR:  That’s quite a grouping.  Alll great bands and great musicians.  In the future, what other bands would you like to tour with?


Diz:  Oh, wow.  Any of the above would be great, but there are bands in the UK which are doing great things, and I feel when the time is right, with deals and logistics, ZEN REVOLT could tour support and headline any situation.


TRR:  Cool.  Songwriting. How do you write your songs?  Is it collaborative?


Diz:  Great question.  I’m sure, as many songwriters would agree, there are so many ways and formulas to writing and it is what works best for you as a songwriter to write what you hear and feel is a good song.  For me that is never planned, ever.
When I feel a certain way, I pick the guitar up and kind of wait then, I start to see color a form of Synesthesia like colored lines and then a melody starts to come through, I put chords and without fail, I write what I sing, the first words I think of and I never question it. I believe for me it is an honest song then straight from my deeper self. The only material I have never done that with is my concept material based on old Greek Mythical Gods like, Hades Lord of the Underworld, Nine daughters of Zeus, Posiden king of the seas, The Sirens, deadly song of the deep. These are for recording at a later date.


TRR:  What was it like the first time all of you got together in the same room and performed together for the first time?


Diz:  ZEN REVOLT has yet to do a gig. We are still in form and material rehearsal phase, but we are due in studio to record promo Ep 13/14th Sep and then its push time for the release of debut album LEAD2020.


TRR:  What is the origin of your band’s name?  Is this the original name or have you changed it before?


Diz:  The band’s name comes from a play on the actual words to indicate its meaning. It was something I was playing around with, Zen Revolt is not just one genre or style as main songwriter the material comes from many influences Queen being a massive one with light and shade and then kicking your arse riffs, so ZEN REVOLT to us means: A sometimes-calm peaceful heavy attack on your ears


TRR:  Who are the guys in the band? 


Diz:  Fatal Ben Reigns on bass

Tony Rhodes on Guitars both lead rhythm
Diz (myself) Lead vocal, guitars both lead and rhythm, songwriter

"Hard work is paying off.  We have been allocated a small 30 minute slot on the FORGE 1 Fest at a place called Loose Canon Manchester on the 26th Oct."


you're fired.jpg

Often, the hardest part of being in a band is no longer being in a band; Especially, when you see the potential in the talent and music.   As history shows us, there have been many band members who either quit a band right before they "made it" or those who were replaced by another player during their heyday, either for a new, more talented or cooperative member or because of a tragedy.  Just for kicks, let's go down the list.  Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr.  Ronnie Wood replaced Mick Taylor.  Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth.  Brian Johnson replaced the late Bon Scott.  Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy in Black Sabbath.  David Lee Roth replaced Sammy Hagar.  Wolfgang Van Halen replaced Michael Anthony.  Phil Collen replaced Pete Willis in Def Leppard.  Vivian Campbell replaced the late Steve Clark in Def Leppard.  Kirk Hammett replaced Dave Mustaine.  In the music profession, there are thousands more stories, just like these.  

"Time for a change"
Tuesday, Aug 20 @ 5:08 AM

So we are in rehearsal mode big time and all is now going in the direction we feel is the right one for ZEN REVOLT, with our new drum & bass addition from the powerhouses that are John Morley (drums) & Baz Styles ( bass).

The material has never sounded as tight and we are looking forward to getting in the studio on 13th/14th September and then releasing for your listen pleasure our debut single 'Live In Your Time with our Ep/debut album Lead 2020 to follow into the new year.


As you know, it's about making sure it's [the music] is right from the start and with what's happening with ZEN REVOLT, things would have started to crack and, indeed did, which is why we decided to make the change in bass player and drummer.  But, we are more than ecstatic with the new guys who are superb guys firstly, but also great players and professionals.

We are looking forward to working with and alongside Forge Amp Artist Management and Promotions and Tru Rock Revival magazine.


Zen New Photo.jpg
Zen New Photo 2.jpg

"Sometimes in life you doubt things...decisions you make, you lose people along the way...some you regret, some you smile and think it was a laugh, others you still love and know its was the right reasons...

A dream, a belief can take years to happen. The hardest part of that journey is staying true to yourself...dedication, hard work, sacrifice and belief brought me here and yet, I'm still not at my door way.  I've just found my key, that's all."

2020 vision EP Zen Revolt Project by Diz

Check out Zen Revolt on Spotify

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