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August 7th was my birthday bash at Bleachers in Bristol CT. Opening the show was The War Brothers. They are an original rock and roll band from Connecticut. These 4 brothers really know how to put on a show!. They are bold, dynamic, and full of passion. I love their sound and I am sure you will too. Be sure to check them out on Facebook under the War Brothers and on Instagram @war_brothersct. 

Headlining my birthday bash was the Alien himself, Brendan Clark, with his lady, Gina Andia of Alice Loves Alien. They performed a powerfully loud and flawless performance that always leaves the crowd exhausted but wanting more. They also made a point to sing me a very special Happy Birthday! Brendan is currently in the studio working on a solo album. There are no boundaries to what Brendan can do. I will keep everyone posted on this one, as I am sure it will be incredible! 

On the 21st,  Alice Loves Alien opened at Se7ens in Easthampton for the insanely talented metal/rock band, Living Wreckage. Guitarists Jon Donais of Anthrax and Shadows Fall, Matt LeBreton of Downpour and bassist Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall and Act of Defiance blew me away! Drummer, Jon Morency of Let us Prey beat life into the crowd as lead singer Jeff Gard of Death Ray Vision mesmerized the audience with his deep screams and haunting vocals. 

I finished up my month spending an evening with the original party band, The Degenerates, at Sonny's Place in Somers, CT. They are a cover band that is an absolute blast! The fans absolutely love them. These 4 guys know how to have a good time! 

Stay tuned next month for more images and a summary of the shows I will be attending. 

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