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VERTICOLI, bringing you Blades of Glory with a side of Hall and Oates 

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TRR:  Hi guys.  Welcome to Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

VC:  Thank you for the opportunity.

TRR:   The name of the band, Verticoli.  Being a movie buff, I think I know where this comes from.  But, let's hear it from you guys. 


VC:  (laughing)  We appreciated a good Will Ferrell movie in our youth. “Blades of Glory” is one of his masterpieces and features the mystical Italian hairbrush the ‘Verticoli’. We thought it was an amazing band name and considered no others. 

TRR:  I knew it.  That movie still makes me crack up.  Who are the guys in the band? 

VC:  Sam Hunn on guitar and vocals, Will Colvin on the tubs, and Jeremy Hughes on smoke-o. 


TRR:  How long have you guys been together? 


VC:  Colv and I went to school together. Jeremy was a bloke around Hobart who had a bit of a reputation for being a shredder and also some other things that can’t be mentioned.


TRR:  Other things that can't be mentioned?  Ok.  We'll let our readers use their imagination.  How did you meet Jeremy?


VC:  We were watching him in a band at a pub in Melbourne and I asked if he would be our new bass player and he said ‘yes’. 


TRR:  Well, that was easy!   And the rest is history.

VC:  Yep.  


TRR:  How would you describe your music?  There's so many genres these days and it seems like a new one is created every day with so much crossover. 


VC:  I think people would say we are grunge and that’s probably the best description. 


TRR:  What do you think makes your band stand out from others?

VC:  Sam is quite tall which literally makes him stand out.


TRR:  Ok.  I walked into that one. 


VC:  (laughing)


TRR:  Seriously thought, what do you guys bring to the stage that you feel sets you apart from other bands?


VC:  We play music that is not very cool so I think we stand out for that. 

TRR:  A band of nerds. That is cool in itself. 

VC:  (laughing)


TRR:  Do you feel your type of music has become very irrelevant?  In the 70's and 80's, it was the highlight of award shows like the Grammys.   


VC:  I don’t think we’d agree that rock has become irrelevant. The Arctic Monkeys had a huge album not far back, Mastodon went to the Grammys, and Violent Soho are very beloved and trendy in Australia. 


TRR:  Do you feel that rock is starting to climb the ladder again?

VC:  Maybe rock music is a little bit neglected but I it’ll always be there. 


TRR:  Who do you feel you maybe model your band sound after?  


VC:  At the Drive-in, Violent Soho, You Am I, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Quicksand, Basement and all the Seattle bands that did big things in the early-90s. 


TRR:  Who is the song writer in the band?  Or, is this something that all of you work on together?


VC:  I mainly woodshed them and bring them to the band to arrange. We decide what’s good and what’s not, then I agonize over vocals and then we record that thing.


TRR:  Are there any bands or artists you'd like to perform with or collaborate with in the future?  

Sam: John Frusciante

Jeremy: Rod Stewart

Will: Earth Wind and Fire

TRR:  John Frusciante, I could see that.  Rod Stewart and Earth Wind and Fire, I didn't see that coming.  

VC:  You asked!


TRR:  What other bands would you like to tour with?

VC:  Violent Soho. Dog Dreams. Karnivool. 

TRR:  Get your team to set it up!  Real quick, tell me about one of your most memorable shows, either good or bad. 

VC:  The hometown (Hobart) show we played when we released our album. The place was packed, lots of mates were there, and people got into it. The venue stopped doing live music after that, which we took as a compliment.

TRR:  (laughing)  Take it any way you like.  Tell me about your dream show.  Where and who?


VC:  Any show where people turn up to hear us is a dream show.  We’d love to play festivals with the bands we grew up listening to.


TRR:  What has been your craziest fan interaction?

VC:  We met a guy who liked our music once and it took our breath away. 


TRR:  Was that a surprise to you?

VC:  Completely!


TRR:  What’s do you guys have planned for the rest of 2019?

VC:  We’ve got a new single, ‘End of Days,’ coming out sometime in the coming months and then we’ll just keep on gigging! 


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to or thank you to?


VC:  Our families, Daryl Hall and John Oates. 

TRR:  And, there you have it.  A little Sarah Smile.  Thanks guys.  

VC:  Thank you Tru Rock. 

For additional information about Verticoli, check them out on Facebook

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