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Young &
On Fire,
The Warning

By Abbe Davis, Sept 28, 2012


Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, fiery Hard Rock is found with female trio, The Warning.  Fierce lead vocalist and guitarist is Daniela, killer drums and vocals and piano is found in Paulina, and Alejandra brings her hot bass, piano, and backup vocals. In 2013, after growing up taking Music lessons, the Villarreal sisters decided to form a Hard Rock band. The band first gained attention for their 2014 cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” where they recreated it using their own Alt/Hard Rock Sound. On YouTube their version has now reached over 22 million views.


In 2018 they released their concept album, Queen of the Murder Scene, and it achieved high views in iTunes and Amazon Rock music charts for several weeks after the release. In 2019 they were nominated at the 17th Independent Music Awards. They have rocked the Heaven & Hell Festival, and opened up two sold out Monterrey shows for The Killers and for Def Leppard in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Due to COVID, in 2020 they had to cancel a large North America tour. Hard to believe the lead singer is 21 and that her sisters are just 18, and 15 years old. They pack power and passion when they play, and craft songs so well. Their latest releases are “Choke,” and “Evolve,”  on Lava Records. I caught up with lead singer Daniela for an interview:

AD: How is the band doing?

DV: We're doing great Abbe, thanks.

AD: I wanna first congratulate you on your new singles, "Choke," and "Evolve." 

DV: Thank you. 

AD: Did you write those this year or?

DV: They were written in 2019 but they were finished in 2020. Our producer, David Bendeth, (Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin) worked on our songs with us for, for "Choke," etc. and it is all on our new album coming out on Oct 8th, called Mayday.

AD: A-ha. Tell me about when "Enter Sandman" came out? It's interesting how you turned it into and Alternative tune and left out the key riff.

DV: Well, we had already covered it when we were kids, so coming back to it was full circle. We had an invitation from Metallica, for their 30th Anniversary of the Black Album, so that was great. They asked us for a new version, so we were like, "OK, let's make something new with their sound and our sound."

AD: Skillfully done. I like how it became your version, it's cool. Tell me about Pablo your first teacher and when did you begin playing Music?

DV: Pablo is our teacher and he taught us musicianship and how to work better as a band. He is close to our family and our hearts. We all began with Piano and Classical music, then we fell in love with Rock music through playing on Rock Band.

AD: Ha, it's cute how so many people began through Rock Band. Any musicians in your family?

DV: Our family has Music lovers, yet we are the first musicians. Starting with piano lessons for all of us was essential for our writing music.

AD: It sure is. So physically, where are you staying right now?

DV: We are in hour home in Monterrey, Mexico. It's great cause we are in one place where we can just work on our music.

AD: What age was it when things broke out for you?

DV: I was 15 and I'm the oldest one. Pao was 13, and Ale was just 10. We started out young.

AD: How old were you all when you did your first show?

DV: Our first show was around 2015, so I was 15 years old, Pao was 13 and Ale was 10.

AD: Who traveled with you, how did that work?

DV: Our parents and our manager traveled with us. 

AD: Wise. That's great. Your second hit song or album was which one? Which one did the best after that?

DV: Our first album was 21st Century Blood, it did very well.

AD: Is it fair to say that you went from more Alternative and then into the harder-edged Rock? One of your latest songs, has a Punk flair, so, would you say that?

DV: Not necessarily, we have a habit of changing genres with the same album all of the time. Queen of the Murder Scene is a novel, a concept album, and it has folky ballads, and then heavy stuff.

AD: I listened to it. I actually loved the ballads, piano ballads, they sound great. Do you usually do Punk tunes, or is that new with the newer songs now?

DV: Yeah, I mean, we feel the energy is the same, but we identify with Hard Rock. It's always that feel, even if we go into more danceable stuff.

AD: Songwriting, who are the predominant songwriters? Or, is it all collaborative?

DV: We collaborate, yet Pao is the one who writes most of our music. She starts with the piano, and then we actively work on it together. 

AD: What is your best show you've done?  You've opened up for the Killers, Def Leppard, tell me about it?

DV: That was one of the best shows that we did. It was amazing in our home town. There are a lot of shows we've loved, like headlining for two nights in a row at Whiskey A Go Go.

AD: A legendary club. That's great. Have you gotten to meet any of your icons yet? 

DV: Yeah, we actually have. We have met Def Leppard and The Killers. Also, interactions with Lzzy Hale. We've gotten to know some incredible people.

AD: That is really cool. I know you had to cancel the North America show in 2020. Right now, are you planning to release more singles or what does the year ahead look like?

DV: We release our new EP Mayday on Oct 8th. And we have a show for Nov 14 at Rockville Festival in Florida. We are so excited, after a year and a half of waiting to play out. 

AD: I bet. That's is awesome.

DV: We also have the Troubadour in Jan. We can't wait for it. We haven't planned the tour yet, cause it's hard to plan it right now, but we will, eventually, and we can't wait.

AD: Well stay healthy, and you are kicking it hard, which is great to see. We wish you the best and we didn't know you'd be in Florida! Enjoy Rockville. We will definitely try to get over there. Have a great time and we wish you all of the continued success.


DV: We hope to see you there! Thank you so much.




















Abbe Davis, Editor/ Musician

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Abbe Davis is the lead singer and songwriter of Rock band, Sordid Fable. She has performed alongside  legendary Blues artist, Buddy Guy, and previously with Day of Colors nationally. She also co-hosts The Tru Rock Show. Abbe and her band are currently in the studio recording their EP for release in 2022.

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