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TRR:  So, what are you guys repenting for?


Steve:  We're not.


TRR:  Introduce the band and how you all met.

Steve - lead guitar

Shawn - drums

Joe - bass

Jeremy - guitar/ vocals

We all pretty much met at shows.   Casper is pretty small. Jeremy runs a music group that supports all genres of music.  That's what brought him to Casper.

TRR:  Is there a market for Thrash Metal in Casper or is it time to explore some bigger cities?


Steve:  Once we get more established here, we're definitely branching out.  We have a few places to go.

TRR:  Do you feel like Rock N' Roll is coming back?


Jeremy:   It never left. More and more people are listening now and Metal has always been the counterculture anyways.

TRR:  Who were you all listening to as kids?

Steve - System of a Down, Lamb of God, Slipknot

Shawn - System of a Down, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Rob Zombie

Joe - Metallica, Ozzy, KISS, and a fuck ton of hair metal

Jeremy - Megadeth, Guns n Roses, Marilyn Manson


TRR:  Who are your influences in your writing and playing styles.

Steve - Black Dahlia Murder, After the Burial, As Blood Runs Black, Whitechapel, Rose Funeral

Shawn - Gabe Helguera, Jay Wineberg, Chris Adler, Alan Cassidy

Joe - Cliff Burton, Beethoven, Bach, Victor Wooten, Jaco

Jeremy - Dave Mustaine, Tom Araya/Jeff Hanneman


TRR:  For your songs, how do you guys approach your songwriting?


Steve:  Jeremy, for the most part, had the songs written, but as the band grew, the other guys added their parts to create the sound we now have. Work on new material is always a collaborative effort.

TRR:  Do you guys. 

TRR:  If you could record a song with anyone who would it be?


Steve - Trent Hafdahl of After the Burial

Shawn - Ricky Horror of Motionless in White

Joe - Metallica with Ozzy singing

Jeremy - Marilyn Manson


TRR:  What bands would you like to tour with?


All of the above


TRR:  Describe your first live show.


Steve:  Pretty much just a drunken practice. Shawn blew his bass drum out on the first song, so we had to stop and switch out. Jeremy messed up a lot, but learned what not to do, so at least there's that. Pretty nerve- wracking,  but it was awesome, and we had a blast.

TRR:  Dream Show.

Shawn - Red Rocks

Joe - Filmore Auditorium with all the old school thrash bands

Steve - Summit Music Hall

Jeremy - The next show or the Super Bowl


TRR:  Most memorable show?


Steve:  Hall of Champions in Casper, we got on a pretty decent bill. The ceiling tiles actually started to fall down at the show, narrowly missing people. It was a great Metal show and we held our own. We gained a lot of new fans and some stage experience as a band. We had a great time and got some amazing footage of it, too.


TRR:  That is hilarious! 2020 plans?


Steve:  Release an album, do a small tour, get on some bigger shows, upgrade equipment.


TRR:   Do you want to give any shout outs and thank you's to anyone?


Steve:  We want to thank all of our fans, families, the live crowds, you're amazing.  Our studio and sound/mixing engineers.  Wes, our PR agent with Metal Coffee Promotions, and all those who have helped us since we started this 6 months ago.  We love you.


When it comes to in-your-face, no holds barred, loud Rock n' Roll, The Band Repent from Casper, Wyoming, has no regrets. There's nothing to make them feel they have to repent for any sins.  So hold on tightly, here comes some high energy Thrash Metal from the land of the cowboys. 

Tell us about the music scene in Casper.

Shawn - There's some good bands, just not many bands.

Steve - Desolate Joe - Lots of Country bands and Cover bands.

Jeremy - We're doing the best we can. It has a wide variety, not much Metal, it is what it is.

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