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Sully Erna

Rock 'n Roll Roulette 


"Rock n' Roll Roulette" with Kreig Marks, April 2021

KM:  Hi, Sully.  Welcome to Tru Rock Revival Magazine and our new segment, "Rock n' Roll Roulette."  In this brief interview, it's gonna be rapid fire about 10 to 12 questions.  You can give any type of answer you want; 1 word, no response or whatever comes to mind.  Are you ready?

SE:  Yep.  Bring it on.

KM:  Favorite instrument you play.

SE:  Wow.  I've been playing the drums since I was about 3 years old.  But you know, I really enjoy the piano.  

KM:  Ha.  Didn't see that one coming. Your favorite musician.

SE:  My dad.

KM:  You've been rumored to have been in about 18 or so relationships before you met and married your wife, Joanna.  When did you know she was the one?


SE:  Immediately  

KM:  Fondest memory as a kid?

SE:  Watching and listening to my dad play his trumpet.


KM:   What people don't know about you?

SE:  I'm actually a very spiritual and sensitive person.

KM:  Really?  Not a raucous maniac?

SE:  I can be.  It depends on the environment.

KM:  What music are you listening to these days?  

SE:  Oh man, a lot of different styles.  Depends on my mood I guess. 

KM:  Do you like hearing new bands?

SE:  Oh yeah.  Absolutely.  I'm a huge fan of new bands.  Look, I've been there as a new, struggling band.  I know the struggle trying to put a band together, to get gigs, fans, recognition.  It's a lot of fuck'n work, hard fuck'n work.  Man, did I struggle through it. 


KM:  I read in an interview you did several years ago that when you first recorded, you were laughed at and really treated like shit. 


SE:  Oh yeah.  Man, I was laughed at, insulted, was told I sucked.  It made me want it more and to work for it more.  I know the challenges.  I love helping new bands get a start.  You got some new ones for me, text me some links.  I'll definitely have a listen.  


KM:  Happy to. Most difficult time in your life?

SE:  Too many to list. 

KM:  Proudest moment in your life?

SE:  Hearing my music on the radio for the first time.

KM:  You ever "Cry Like a Bitch?"

SE:  Oh yeah.  On Dec 17, 2001 when my daughter Skyler was born.  

KM:  Your most favorite song you've written?

SE:  "Something Different."  

KM:  Proudest moment as a man?

SE:  Becoming a dad.

KM:  Cool. Is Godsmack ready to do live shows right now?

SE:  Always.  Damn, I miss it.  But, we'll be back out there very soon.  Got some big fests on the schedule now. 

KM:  Can't wait to hear about it! Thanks for speaking with me today, Sully.  I appreciate this a lot. This was cool.

SE:  You know man, I think you guys are on to something very cool with this concept with these short, fast questions in this roulette section.  Very cool concept.  It's like when I'm heading off the stage to the tour bus and I get asked a bunch of rapid fire off the cuff questions while I'm walking along.  Very cool.  I like it.  Makes you feel like you're right there at the show.  Thanks for the roulette.  Hopefully we'll get to connect at one of the shows when we get back out there.

KM: Well thanks, I figured it would make things easier. We love the band and all that you guys do. Can't wait.

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