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Texas Has A Soulful New Rock Sheriff in Town 

"The Grammys have their place.  As for us, where we would fit into that place, we have no idea.  We do think the Grammys would greatly benefit from some real ass blasting Rock n' Roll though."



By Kreig Marks, April 2021


TRR:  You guys have been together now for about 3+ years.  Anything interesting in how you guys got together?


PP:  We were a jam band before we formed Post Profit. We would play open jams basically anywhere we could. Eventually we built up a “setlist” of covers and decided to form the band and book some actual shows!


TRR:  Was it a smooth transition, putting the band together, or were there some personality conflicts along the way?


PP: This band was formed in the most organic way possible. We are a very close knit group. We’re best friends, and of course best friends will always have their certain differences. We respect one another.


TRR:  Out of the 4 of you, who is the most outspoken when it comes to recording and getting your songs perfect?


PP:  We are all equally as knit-picky when it comes to recording and mixing.  We kind of have to be, as we do all of our own music production at this stage in the game.


TRR:  Who’s the one in the group with the ADHD?


PP: Definitely Zach (AKA drummer syndrome) 

TRR:  Let's hear some examples of Zach's "mental disorder."  

PP: Hours of hardcore phone addiction, pierced by moments of hyperactivity, with simultaneous texting/scrolling during everything.


TRR:  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.  Ask my wife.  LOL, no seriously. What are your musical backgrounds?  What were you listening to as a kid?

Jordan: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder

Matt: The Call, DC Talk, P.O.D

Nick: Deftones, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains

Zach: Queen, Foo Fighters


TRR:  Great artists! Looks like Jordan brings the R&B and Pop background to the band.  Matt, on your FB page, you have a video of yourself singing “Hello” by Adele.  Nice job.  Not what I expected to hear you cover but you pull it off well.  How about the rest of the guys?  What are some covers you’ve done that may surprise some fans?


PP:  We have a lot of covers that may surprise folks. We cover “Man of Constant Sorrow” from the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. We cover “No Diggity” by Blackstreet and everything in between.


TRR:  I would have never even thought of those.  Both cool songs.  In 2020, you guys didn’t let the pandemic slow you down.  You remastered “Same Sad Song” and it hit Billboard’s top 40 for mainstream rock, peaking at #23.  Congrats on that.  That must have been a thrill for you guys, to have your music get noticed and respected by a broad audience.


PP: It was a great experience and we hope to have more music from the record hit the Billboard charts.


TRR:  Also, during the pandemic, you finished your debut album, “When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong.”  Cool title.  Since the release date was during the pandemic, how did you celebrate the release?


PP: The record is still unreleased, right now we are on the second single release from the album.

TRR: Any plans for a big album release soon?

PP:  Be on the look out for our full length record this summer!


TRR:  The video for that single, where did you film it?  Where’s that old factory?


PP: We filmed the music video at an old abandoned grain mill in downtown Marshall, TX.


TRR:  The drone work in the video is very cool too.  Nick, is that you playing the guitar on the roof of the building near the edge?  I’d ask for hazard pay.


PP:  Ha. That's our bass player, Jordan. 10/10 Doctors would NOT recommend reenacting that scene. 


TRR:  LOL.  I wouldn't doubt that.  At the end of the video, you guys are carrying an old-school box television and then you’re all on the ground, blood spewing from your mouths.  It looks a scene from that movie Epidemic.  What’s that all about?


PP:  Through the entire video, we’re searching for the “truth” and all we find is the TV (the media). Essentially, we consume what the media feeds us, and it kills us. 


TRR:  Poignant concept! Media spin these days is rampant. You really have to do your homework to try to find the truth, or some type of semblance of it anyway.  What's your thoughts on this? The Grammy’s were on television recently.  Fiona Apple, whom I respect as an artist, best rock performance for a song called Shameika?  And, Brittany Howard, “Best Rock Song” for a song called Stay High?  Brittany Howard, nice voice but rock?  Sounds a bit like Smokey Robinson.  Should be R&B? We are really looking into developing the Tru Rock Revival Awards for unsigned and newly signed artists in all rock genres.  It’s time to get Rock back to the masses.  So, Grammy’s… your opinion, what should they do about Rock music?


PP: The Grammys have their place.  As for us, where we would fit into that place, we have no idea.  We do think the Grammys would greatly benefit from some real ass blasting Rock n' Roll though.


TRR:  Amen to that!  You guys have shared a ticket with some pretty big bands; Drowning Pool, Filter, Saliva.  Which one of you is the first to go all “fan girl” when you get to meet some of those bands?


PP: Our fan girl moment was when we opened the show for Drowning Pool. They were amazing. But we were actually fan-girling over another opener on that bill, To Whom It May.

TRR:  They are a cool band.  We've been following them for a while here at Tru Rock.  They've got a bit of an Alice in Chains vibe going in their song "Sink."  Cool song.  It seems like the pandemic is starting to improve each week now. What’s the last show you did before the pandemic put the brakes on things for a year?


PP:  We were supposed to go on a Texas tour the day Texas shut down.


TRR:  That's not the first time I've heard stories like that.  It's been a long year of waiting.   Have you guys done any live shows yet this year? 


PP:  So far in 2021 we have had a few smaller shows here and there. Overall things are looking up for us though!


TRR:   You think there may be plans for a big tour for this year?


PP:  It is still pretty hard to gauge. If we get the opportunity, we would definitely take it.


TRR:  Speaking of touring; what would be your dream lineup of some bands you’d like to tour with?  


PP: Deftones, Badflower, Highly Suspect, Nothing But Thieves.


TRR:   SOLID!!  Anyone you’d like to thank or give a shout out to?


PP:  Shout out to our amazing management team at Medusa Media!

TRR:  Well guys, thanks for taking the time to chat and we look forward to hearing some more great stuff coming out of the Post Profit camp.  

For further information about Post Profit, follow them on Facebook or visit them at Post Profit (

Kreig Marks, Founder/Publisher, TRR 

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and to promote musicians.  In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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