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Kivel Records recording artist - NO LOVE LOST is an Arena Hard Rock back from the Carolinas. Members of the band include, Scott Board on lead vocals, Jason Station on lead guitar, Marc Brown on guitar and vocals, Matt Crow on bass and vocals and Jason Collins on drums. I recently had the opportunity to interview lead vocalist Scott Board and talk with him about how he got his start in music, his career prior to No Love Lost, their new album, and what's next for the band. 

By Lea Fiega, Contributing Journalist, August 2020

Lea: Thank you for taking the time to interview with me Scott. Your music is right in my wheelhouse! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in music? 

Scott: I started out as a drummer/singer playing the local bar scene around 1976. I like to think that the mid 70's was a perfect era to begin. There were such great influences out at that time, with multiple styles of music to draw from. Initially, I was drawn to AM/FM radio of the mid 60s through the mid 70s. I remember singing along with my Mom and Dad in the car to all sorts of different styles of music that was on the radio of the day. I especially liked anything with catchy vocals and strong melodies. In the early 70's, I listened to a lot of music like Elton John. I liked the song strength even then, along with the melodic sensibility. 

Lea: Who were some of your music influences growing up?

Scott: My earliest influences vocally would be Paul Stanley, Derek St Holmes, Brad Delp and Rush. A little later on I would find the Scorpions and Klaus Meine, as well as Halford, Dio and the rest. I like to try and capture influence from all those artists on my own material and it's a consious efforts to do that always.


Lea: What other bands were you in prior to NO LOVE LOST? 

Scott: Most notibly, other bands I have sang and wrote songs with prior to No Love Lost are CEREBUS, a classic underground metal group whose 1986 album "To Late To Pray" is considered Underground Metal Majesty by many. Later in 1991 1992 I sang with the group DIMAGE and even though we got a lot of Label attention, record companies were pretty much finished signing bands like us at that point. Some of the members of DIMAGE would go on to be in the first album line-up of No Love Lost in 2006. 


Lea: I have seen some videos of a couple of live performances of you performing with CEREBUS. Your vocals blow me away! To me, It has a Queensryche' / Rob Rock feel that I absolutely love. Do you compare your voice to any one singer in particular? 

Scott: Thank you for your kind words on the CEREBUS material! With that band, I purposely form my vocals more in the Dio. Halford styling. CEREBUS is influenced by the original NWOBHM bands, early Def Leppard, Rainbow, Riot, Priest, Saxon and especially UFO. While using these influences it is a consious move to keep vocals very melodic, something that was not being done by a lot of the other underground metal bands. When I approach NO LOVE LOST material it is a totally different vocal styling for me but still melodic. I would say that my vocal influences on this material are more from singers such as Tony Harnell, Russell Allen and John Lande with a twist of Joe Lynn Turner soul or Glenn Hughes. 

Lea: Congratulations on the recent release of "BLISS" (Kivel Records). I can't stop playing it. Do you have a favorite song on the CD and if so, which one and why? 

Scott: We are all very proud of the new album “BLISS”. It has been a work in progress for a long time now, and it is proven to be worth the wait for the band and for the fans alike. As far as a favorite off the new album for me, it would probably be "Love Song" because it is the very first song I wrote for the album and I have an emotional attachment to it. 


Lea: With what has been going on in the world these days, live music has pretty much come to a halt. How have you been spending your down time?

Scott: In the downtime since the pandemic began, I have been writing and I have begun work on some pretty exciting new ideas for the next NO LOVE LOST album. I am excited to demo these as soon as we get back together.


Lea: NERF 3 was recently postponed due to the COVID outbreak. This is one of the biggest Rock events of the summer in this area. You were scheduled to perform at this event and I am sure you are just as disappointed as your fans are. 

Scott: We were very pumped to be performing live at this event. We were bummed about the news, but it is better to be safe than sorry. The band will be ready when the event does happen, and it will! 

Lea: What is one of your most proudest moments of your career?

Scott: I think one of the proudest moments in my career as a singer/songwriter was back in 1992 when the band I was in at the time was getting some label attention and in talks to be signed. I had written a monster rock ballad called "Mistreated" (yes, the title was borrowed from Blackmore). We did a fantastic studio recording of the song. I remember listening to our local FM station and hearing the song played for the first time one night. It was very emotional. It was also the moment that verified for me personally, that I could in fact write a strong commercial idea as hard as many of my favorites. From that moment on, I've strived to create quality song ideas.


Lea: What is something about Scott Board that your fans do not know? 

Scott: I think that there may be a lot of preconcieved notions about who I am as a singer/writer. I have always been pigeonholed as a "Metal Screamer" with high soaring vocals. Both are great accomplishments. However, I have always been and continue to be influenced by all sorts of styles of music and vocals. I can, and have sung R&B, Soul, Rock, 80's Pop, Hair Band stuff, Classic Rock and so on. I think perhaps I have been overlooked for certain opportunities at times for fear that I couldn't morph into the role. I can.


Lea: What is next for Scott Board and NO LOVE LOST? 

Scott: The band and I are patiently waiting to get out of this whole lock down safely. In the meantime we will be writing and recording and getting new ideas ready for yet another NO LOVE LOST album. As soon as we can, we will be ready to take over the world with live shows! We want to give a big shout out to all the fans who have ordered the album from online retailers and from our KIVEL Records label! We will not let you down when you see us live! 

To pick up a copy of “BLISS” go to: or 

You can find No love Lost on Facebook

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