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Moreland The Shooting seeking to end gun violence through love and music

"'Moreland' was written to inspire compassion and relay the human condition of living in the city. It is based on a true story and is dedicated to the victims and survivors of gun violence."

When you witness a tragic event, you can either crawl in a hole and hide for the rest of your life, burdened by PTSD, or, in the case of Daisy Bellis, vocalist of Moreland The Shooting, you can focus your energy on making kick ass music about love, community and ending gun violence.  

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TRR:  What is the origin of your band’s name?  What are some other names you tossed around before settling on your current band name?

Daisy Bellis: Every song is named after a street, every street tells a story, every story is based on my life in Atlanta. When I moved to Atlanta, I witnessed a shooting on Moreland Avenue. 

The name was a deal breaker for my involvement in the project. We tossed some ideas around, but the name was there before the music.

TRR:  Who are the players?

Daisy Bellis: Vocals
Eric Deaux- Guitarist
John Eck- Guitarist
Abe Powell- Bass
Justin Moon- Drummer

TRR:  How did all of you meet?  Any interesting stories here?

Daisy Bellis: Eric and I met at a karaoke bar a few years back. We formed MTS together and then we met Abe on Craigslist. We auditioned Justin after we departed with our first drummer and then we auditioned John after our guitarist's departure.


TRR:  How would you classify your music?  (rock, hard rock, metal, post-grunge, southern rock, etc.)


Daisy Bellis: post-hardcore


TRR:  What do you think makes your band stand out from others?


Daisy Bellis: The concept and branding. We're looking to make a difference. We're not so concerned with having a fan base as we are with forming a community. Though it seems we're developing a cult following. We're starting a movement for addressing mental health, abuse, and trauma.


TRR:  Over the past few decades, rock music has been the “red-headed step-child”, rarely even mentioned on award shows like the Grammys, which has become very irrelevant.  Do you feel that rock is starting to climb the ladder again?


Daisy Bellis: The only way rock music will be a part of pop culture again is if it adopts the values of pop culture which defeats the

purpose of rock music. However, with Rammstein, Korn, Slipknot, and Tool releasing new records, I'd say the rock revival looks pretty promising. We'll see what happens when the nostalgia wears off. 

TRR:  Who are some of your musical influences?

Daisy Bellis: There are so many. I love The Weeknd. Lately, I've been listening to Rammstein and A Perfect Circle's latest record which is weird because I typically don't listen to much rock. Which is also surprising to people. 


TRR:  How do you write your songs?  Is it a collaborative effort?


Daisy Bellis: Eric and I are the primary songwriters. He writes the music and I write the lyrics. We get the skeleton of the song together and then we build the rest with the band.


TRR:  Speaking of collaborative, if you could get together with any band or musician to record a song together, who would that be?


Daisy Bellis: It'd be amazing to do a song with Anthony Green or Cedric from The Mars Volta. Or The Weeknd. Everything he touches turns to gold.


TRR:  What other bands would you like to tour with?


Daisy Bellis: That's a tough one. Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive, Pierce The Veil, or any up and coming act with a lot of heart. 


TRR:  What is your most memorable show, good or bad?


Daisy Bellis: When we played our first show there were people singing the words to songs we hadn't recorded yet. That was amazing.


TRR:  What would be your dream show?


Daisy Bellis: A show that requires a semi-truck for our production. 


TRR:  What has been your craziest fan interaction?


Daisy Bellis: Someone came up to me at one of our shows and I did the whole 'sign their stuff' 'take a picture'. They were really happy and then they didn't go away. They just stood there while everyone else walked in front of them and bought merch. They didn't say anything. They just stared at me. It was weird.

TRR:  What’s on the table for the rest of the year?


Daisy Bellis: Playing lots of shows and loving life.


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to or thank you to?


Daisy Bellis: Shout out to Lee Rouse, Mike Hale, and a special thanks to Somber for all of their involvement with "Moreland." And thank you to everyone who has supported us. 

For further information about Moreland The Shooting, visit their website at

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