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They are the perfect mixture of ground-shaking hard rock and beautiful melodic melodies! They strive to take over the scene! This highly talked about band is sure to not disappoint! Their music video single "Tides" released in 2021 shook the area, and grabbed the attention of Jose Urquiza (Singer of Three Years Hollow), Shaun Foist (Drummer for Breaking Benjamin, along with Morgan Rose (Drummer for Sevendust), and Barry Stock (Lead Guitar for Three Days Grace)!


Monroe is:
Gavin Arnold (Lead vocals/guitar)
Dalton Seebruck (Lead guitar)
Logan Bell (Bass)
Josh Kennedy (Drums)

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with vocalist Gavin Arnold about the band, Monroe, and the direction they are going. Their latest  single "Let It Burn," is already catching some great interest.


By Kreig Marks, March 2023

KM:  Gavin, what got you interested in the music industry?  Is this something you saw at a young age? 


GA:  Yeah.  I've always loved music as long as I can remember.  What got me interested?  The love of the music and the drive to succeed doing what I love. 


KM: i f the band becomes very successful, and you have to travel a lot, what do you think will be the most difficult thing to handle?

GA: Probably the family life which is what most musicians change to over time.


KM: Do you have a day job or another profession away from the band


GA:  I am a journeyman local 11 Chicago roofer but not doing that currently. 


KM:  A lot of people I've interviewed have said they wanted to be in the music profession since a young age.  How about you? 


GA:  I remember I wanted to be a singer from a very young age, all the way back from elementary school. 


KM:  How supportive has your family been in your career choice?  

GA:  My mom is insanely supportive and would do anything to help.  Shes's been a huge supporter in my decision since day 1. Gotta love mama! Haha


KM: If you let some friends listen to some of your music before you record it, and they say they don't like it, will you listen to them?

GA: My personal friends will always tell me how it is and be upfront and honest. They will tell me what they like or don't like about the music, or something I've done, and they should! I always appreciate it.


KM: Since you all got together as a band, have you had the opportunity to share the stage or a ticket with a band you really respect and feel like you made it or were getting close to real success? 

GA:  We had the opportunity to open for Three Doors Down at the Rust Belt in Moline.  It was our first experience with a whole team helping us with anything we needed.  Haha.  We didn't even unload our own trailer. That was cool. 


KM: Tell me a bit about Monroe. How did you all get together?


GA:  Logan and I grew up in Monroe Center, IL!  We started the band more as a joke and it took off!  We didn't have real direction and didn't take things too seriously then. 


KM: The new album, This is Rebirth, is very cool. Very nice vocals and musicianship. Was it a long process from writing to recording?  

GA:  Almost 2 years it took us! There's so many steps to the process and it was a slow but exciting journey.


KM:  Are you all ready to get out on the road for an extended tour? 


GA:  Absolutely. We want to start touring in the near future!


KM:  What’s on the calendar through the rest of the year?

GA:  Mainly the Midwest! Till something of bigger opportunities comes up! 

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