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FM:  What do you enjoy most about performing live?


Ernesto:  Giving and receiving energy to and from the crowd.


FM:  Adi:  Same question


Adi:  I agree with Ernesto.  Definitely feeding off of the crowd's energy.  And the instant gratification you receive as a performer. 


FM:  In your video for “Love Hate,” I see you playing the double neck bass/guitar.  How long have you been playing guitar?


Ernesto:   I’ve been playing guitar for about twenty years now. Yes, the good ol’ double neck, I love that thing.


FM: In your song, “Love Hate,” I hear some influences of Gypsy Kings, Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette,.  


Ernesto:  Firstly, thank you:  I’m sure all the bands mentioned have some way or another had some influence on us. Love Hate came together while jamming. We never really set out to create a particular type of song- that's just what came out.  


FM:  Tell us about your gear.  What guitar are you playing?  In your video, it looks like an Epiphone?  What effects do you use?  Amps? Recording?  


Ernesto:  Good eye!  I DO play an Epiphone Les Paul model. I have EMG pickups on it and I love them. My amps consist of mostly Peavey heads. I have a Peavey XXX amp that I use for live performances and have recorded with it many times. I have a few different speaker cabs that I use, but my favorite is my classic Fender M80 cab. As far as effects, I have a full pedal board that includes an MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal, a Boss chorus pedal, a TC Electronics Looper pedal and of course my trusty Dunlop Cry Baby wah pedal. My double neck guitar/bass is a Galveston with stock pickups. I do plan on upgrading to EMG’s very soon.


FM:  What’s the first guitar you ever had?  Do you still have it?


Ernesto:  My first guitar was a BC Rich Warlock that my dad bought me at Guitar Center for about $140. I Still have it at my parent’s house. I think my dad still plays it from time to time.


FM:  What’s your first guitar choice for live performances?


Ernesto:  Definitely my double neck.


FM:  Do you want to change anything ahead in your setup?


Ernesto:   I am currently looking to change things up. I want MORE double necks.


FM:  What music gets you excited and why?   Rock?  Alternative?  Rap?  


Ernesto:  Metal gets me pumped. Especially while driving, which is not always a good thing.


FM:  Especially here in Weston.  The BSO here are unforgiving.  Might want to put on a little Peter Paul and Mary while driving here.  


Ernesto:  That would just make me angrier!   Sometimes I’ll listen to some old Hip Hop.  That will get me going as well. Personally, I find Metal to be full of a lot of different intense emotions. When I’m jamming some Pantera or Meshuggah, my energy level goes through the roof. Plus, it’s the best for working out.


FM:  What about you Adi?  What music gets you going?


Adi:  Rock mostly.  Anything with authenticity to it.  I love music with great lyrical content. 


FM:  When was the last time you listened to a new artist, band or guitar player?


Ernesto:  I got into a band called Sikth a few years back.  They have two killer guitar players. In fact, the entire band is phenomenal.


FM:  I’ll have to check them out.  Adi, same question.


Adi:  Aurora.  She's a young Norwegian singer. 


FM:  Modern Mimes?  Where did that name come from?  


Ernesto:  Divulging it’s meaning would lessen the messages’ potency. Let’s just say we operate like something of a spiritual mime if that makes any sense.  Sometimes you can feel a scream through somebody’s silence; we make music for us and for them.


FM:  What musician impresses you?  It can be anyone, not necessarily a guitarist.  


Ernesto:  Honestly, Tomas Haake from Meshuggah impresses me. Probably in my top three favorite drummers of all time list.


FM:  Adi?  Same question.  


Adi: Definitely Type O Negative.   Also, more recently, a fusion band named Marbin whom we opened for last year.


FM;  How would you describe yourself as an artist in one sentence?  Ernesto?


Ernesto:  I’m like a spontaneous human combustion, must dig deeper for details.


FM:  Adi?


Adi:  Good question…. I’m just a vessel for consciousness to stream, occasionally trapped in a vulnerable girl.


FM:  Who inspires you as a man? (Obviously this question is for Ernesto)


Ernesto:  People who transcend from the norm or the expected. People who persevere from opposition. Fighters of demons, spiritual and physical.


FM:  Adi?  Who inspires you as a woman?


Adi:  I think Ernesto took the words right out of my head-but that applies to all sexes. As for a woman in particular who has inspired me I would say, Gwen Stefani, Ani Difranco, and my mother.


FM:  How has your mom inspired you? 


Adi:  She’s a very honest person and has always stood up for what she believes to be right.  She wanted to be a doctor and although she never became one, I call her the family doctor because she’s always fighting for us when we’ve been unwell.  She’s the best doctor I know.


FM:  It’s great to hear an artist credit their mother as part of their inspiration. With your musical accomplishments, what are you most proud of?


Ernesto:  We are very proud of our first album “Wake Up”. The reason being that we basically put everything into it on our own without any outside influence. We feel like our message is very clear on that album.


FM:  How do you both spend your free time?  Family?  Friends?  


Ernesto:  We both spend time with family. And, we work out quite a bit.   


FM:  Are there any projects you’re currently working on?  


Ernesto:  We are currently in the middle of our sophomore album titled “The Gray.”  It's pretty much done, now we're just waiting for it to be mastered. 


FM:  Now, give yourself a plug.  Where will you be performing over the next 2 months?   Where can our readers find you on line?


Ernesto:  We are proud to be a part of SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas on March 12th as well as Femmefest in Miami, Fl on March 16th. We are also performing in downtown Ft. Lauderdale in Las Olas on March 23rd. Be on the lookout for more tour dates, as we are wrapping up our Sophomore album “The Gray” to be released in the summer.


FM:  Ernesto, Adi, this has been a pleasure.  You’re both great and this has been a lot of fun.  Thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview.  I’m looking forward to hearing more great music from the two of you.  


Ernesto:  Thank you for having interest in us and our projects, and, the interview.


Adi:  Thank you Fretboard Magazine!


​FM: You are welcome and enjoy SXSW 2018! That is an amazing event.

Craig Marks, Editor

Fretboard Magazine

March, 2018


For further information about the Modern Mimes, you can find them online at:
You can also find the Modern Mimes on Soundcloud, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, IheartRadio, Cd Baby, and Apple Music.

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