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Betcha you'd never think of Decatur, Alabama as being a hot spot for great rock music.  Ikabod Krayne has taken the reigns of the music scene in Decatur, and is about to bring that same, Hard Core sound to you. 


Ikabod Krayne comes blasting a Groove-Metal, heavy sound- with low-tuned 7 and 8-string guitars. Crunching riffs are mixed with a Hip-Hop influence, and Ikabod Krayne is a Groove-Metal madness powerhouse that's bringing their music to a whole new generation of rockers. 


By Kreig Marks, March 2020


TRR:  Alright, ever since your band showed up on Bandivious, we’ve gotten tons of emails, not only about your music, which everyone seems to really be digging, but the name Ikabod Krayne.   My guess is it’s a play on the name from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Care to elaborate?


IK:  Ha, sure and yes, you are correct. The name was just a name a friend and I were kicking around for fun, and I’ve always liked  “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” story and cartoon, so I took the name, changed some letters, and boom. There ya go.


TRR:  See, it pays to keep up with my reading.  Your song, "Life Lessons" is getting a lot of attention on Bandivious Radio, and now Spotify.   Did you play all the instruments during the recording?


IK:  Yes, everything you hear in Ikabod Krayne is just me.


TRR:  You did a pretty kick ass job on that.  Now, the trick will be having your band duplicate that sound live.  You’re originally from Decatur, Alabama, which doesn’t seem that it would be a hot spot for Metalcore music.  What’s the music scene like in Decatur?


IK: There has always been a lot of talent in this little town, and bands in and out of here and surrounding areas through the years. There’s always been a diverse scene around here, with all types of music. But if anyone really knows Decatur, we are all just trying to find something fun to do to stay sane!


TRR:  Do you have a big following in Decatur, or do you find most of your fans are spread out globally?


IK:  I have a lot of friends locally who support me, and it’s a nice sized group, but I’d have to say globally it seems that way, when it comes to certain Krayne stats.


TRR:  Well, get ready for the ride.  I see a lot of national and global fans in your future.  As a kid, what were you listening to?  I’m going to guess some Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, the Misfits, Linkin Park.


IK:  Actually, no.


TRR:  No Manson?


IK:  Honestly, Nirvana was the band that made me really wanna start playing guitar, but things with me just got heavier thru the years with bands like Megadeth, Korn, Slipknot, Chimaira, Lamb of God, but there’s always also been a love of old school Hip-Hop thrown in there as well.


TRR:  I can definitely hear influences from all of those, too.  Especially Korn and Chiamaira.  With Ikabod, when did you record your first song?


IK: Well, let me see... as Ikabod Krayne 2012-2013 somewhere around there.


TRR:  Have you always wanted to be in the music profession?


IK: Yes.


TRR:  If you weren’t in the music industry, what do you think you would be doing?


IK:  Well, I actually still have a day job... Hard Knocks cuz! Ha ha


TRR:  Keep putting out songs like "Life Lessons" and you'll have to say goodbye to that day job.  Speaking of "Life Lessons," where did you record that?


IK: In my home studio.

TRR:  How difficult was that?

IK:  Not really that difficult. It’s gotten a lot easier thru the years. First, starting out was a little tedious, but it all came together.  I’m still learning something new all the time.


TRR:  Your stage persona seems to be a heck of a lot different from your day to day.  Where does this come from?


IK: I’m a Gemini, so Ikabod Krayne is my evil twin.


TRR:  Is your family supportive of your music career?


IK: Yes

TRR:  Has your family always been supportive of your music career?  Did they have concerns, since the music industry can be pretty tough to crack?  

IK:  They have always been supportive of my music and my passion for music. Plus, no concerns, cause I’m still trying to break on thru.. haha


TRR:  Do they go to your shows?


IK: Ikabod hasn’t gone live just yet, but plans to this year, and definitely will.

TRR:  Make sure you get us some live footage of the first show.  

IK:  Definitely


TRR:  If you had the opportunity ahead, to share the stage with someone, who comes to mind?


IK: Jacoby Shaddix

TRR:  Why Jacoby Shaddix?

IK:  Cause he is my favorite songwriter I guess, as far as lyrics. It’s like he has been thru everything that I have been thru, and then some. I guess I dig the fact I can relate to all of his lyrics. Plus, his live energy on stage would be really awesome to rage with!


TRR:  What’s on the table for the rest of 2020?


IK: A lot of crazy good things are going on in the Krayne camp. Stay tuned and you will find out


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?


IK: Anyone and everyone that has shown support and love from day one. I love you all.

For further information about Ikabod Krayne, follow him on Facebook or on Bandivious.  

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