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Heather Langley,

A slice of Rock ‘n Roll Heaven…..Heather Langley of Plectrum Heaven, brings her Rock N’ Roll Jewelry to a Worldwide Audience

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TRR:   Heather.  You are originally from Hayden, Alabama. After doing a little research, I’ve learned that Hayden is about 30 to 40 minutes outside of Birmingham and, as of the 2010 census, there were 444 people living in Hayden.  When did you move from there?


HL:  I moved in 2007.


TRR:  So, I guess by leaving Hayden, you are personally responsible for bringing the census to an even number.  That’s an accomplishment right there!

HL:  Well, there you go!

TRR:  And, up until today, Hayden’s most famous resident is Gerald Swindle.  He’s a professional bass angler, and was named 2004 Bassmaster Angler of the Year.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he is relinquishing that title to you.  I see that he’s on Facebook.  I’m going to send him a friend request.  If he adds me, I’ll break the news to him gently that he needs to step up his game!  Anything you’d like me to tell him from you?

HL:  Just tell him I said hello... and I didn’t mean to be so FAMOUS SO FAST

TRR:  Will do.  I’ll keep you posted on his response.   So, I understand you’re your parents were blacksmiths.  When did you first give metal working a go?

HL:  I was 12 years old.  The first thing I made were nail hooks.  They’re like coat hooks.

TRR:  When did you first get interested in designing Rock n’ Roll jewelry?

HL:  That was about 20 years ago.  Two years ago, I was making a Calla Lilly Pendant.  The extra piece of metal looked like the side of a guitar, and so I made a guitar bracelet.  Then, last year in July, I posted it on Facebook and people went nuts for it.  I started getting a lot of people who wanted that, so by November, I was able to quit my nursing job and focus on my designs full-time.

TRR:  That’s a cool story.  Did you see a market for this type of jewelry?

HL:  I wasn’t sure.  I just put that picture up there, and by luck, I learned there was a big market for it. 

TRR:  Who are your customers?   Are they all musicians?

HL:  Not all of them, but most are music lovers.  Most live in the United States, but I have customers in Germany, Poland, Canada and the UK, which is pretty cool. 

TRR:  How do your customers find you?  I noticed you currently don’t have a website.

HL:  So far, almost all of my customers are from Facebook postings I’ve put out there.  My website, that’s a sore subject right now, but hopefully that will be up and running soon. 

TRR:  Just keep on networking in as many Facebook groups as possible right now, not just music-oriented ones.  Anything you can do to market yourself is good marketing.

HL:  I’ll do that.

TRR:  Without divulging any names, have you designed for some famous musicians?

HL:  Yes, I have.  I can’t give away the names, but yes, I have, and it was a thrill.

TRR:  Are there any local bands that help promote your designs?

HL:  Yes.  All or Nothing.  They’re my guys!  They’re a hard rock band from Birmingham.


TRR:  How did you meet them?

HL:  I got a friend request from the lead vocalist a couple months ago. He requested me cause he thought it would be cool to follow me - since I had posted I would be at NAMM in Anaheim, Ca. They live ten minutes from me SO I ACCEPTED. I checked them out and BAM!!!!! I have a video of their first show I went to. I've never seen such an engaged crowd at ANY local band show. The manager of the venue paid them extra to keep playing ‘cause they were making a killing off sales with them there.  That 18 year-old guitarist can kick ass!!!!! The oldest is 21. Talented little fuckers.... I call them my band babies. And they have the BEST ATTITUDES, PERSONALITIES... They DO NOT EVEN DRINK.  Their interaction with the crowds during the shows is KILLER!!!!  The do covers and originals. They have an EPK, and the money they make from sponsorship is helping to fund a full length album.  I JUST started sponsoring them. I've just been promoting them for the past couple of months because I believed in them so..


TRR:  That’s cool.  I’ll have to check them out.  What is your most favorite piece that you’ve designed?


HL:  I call it Tangled up in the Music.  It’s 3 guitars intertwined together.  It’s really cool.   


TRR:  What is your most popular design?


HL:  That would be the fret bracelets. 


TRR:  Well, they are very cool.  On average, how long does it take, to create one of your pieces?


HL:  As an example, for a fret bracelet, anywhere from 3 to 4 hours.  Sometimes it may take a little longer. 


TRR:  That must take a lot of patience and concentration.  Have you ever been close to finishing a design, and something went wrong with it, and you had to scrap it and start all over again?


HL:  I’m very VERY OCD about my work. I’ve had to take something apart before and reassemble it, because it didn’t line up just right.  Yet, I’ve never had to scrap anything. 


TRR:  How many hours a day do you do this?

HL:  17 hours a day, 7 days a week - full-time.

TRR:  What are your plans for Plectrum for the rest of 2019?


HL:  I’m hoping to go to Germany for Musikmesse in Germany.  Then, during the Summer, I’ll be at NAMM in Nashville. 


TRR:  Musikmesse would be a great platform for you to showcase your designs.  That’s a huge event.  Over 150 countries are represented.  You’ll soon be Plectrum Global!  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet you in person in Nashville.  We’re hoping to go, too, depending on what is happening here at that time.  If not this year, I’d say we’ll definitely be at the next one.


HL:  Well, I hope I can meet you guys, too. 


TRR:  Where do you see Plectrum in the next 5 years?


HL:  I’d love to see my designs being worn by a lot of bands, on the big stages, and have customers all around the world.


TRR:  Well, I think you’re on your way, Heather. It was a pleasure speaking to you.  Good luck with your designs and keep us in the loop with new ones.


HL:  Thank you, Craig.  I really appreciate this.


TRR:  You’re welcome.


Craig Marks, Publisher

Tru Rock Revival Magazine

February, 2019

To contact Heather or to place an order, visit

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