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HeadTrip Trauma

No longer an Infection, HeadTrip Trauma is on a quest to become a nu-metal band of pandemic proportions. 

Today, I hooked up with Jason Harris, guitarist for HeadTrip Trauma for a few questions about the band, what they've been up to and what's on the calendar for 2021.


By Kreig Marks, February 2021

TRR:  Let’s discuss the band’s name.  Originally, you were known as “Infection.”  Now, HeadTrip Trauma.

Which name do you feel attracts more female fans?

JH:  Honestly, that's a good question.  The band name was never created to attract females.  It's more focused on the music and what it represents so whatever floats your boat I guess, lol.


TRR:  Who’s the primary song writer in the band?

JH:  Primarly me, however, it's a group effort to writing and creating in this band. It starts with me writing a full track on guitar then Zeke (Drummer) and I meet up along with Zeb (Bassist) and we brain storm and show each other what we have been working on separately. Then, we hit the studio create a new track record it and then pass it down to our vocalist Peter to record his parts etc.


TRR:  Have you always been into metal as a fan and as a musician or is it something that evolved for you?

JH:  Hellyeah!   Always!  Ever since I can remember. I've always been a metal head.  The first two records I bought were Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power" and Metallica's, "And Justice For All."  Both pf these albums were a huge influence on my career as a musician.


TRR:  Two great albums!  For someone who usually listens to hard rock or pop plans to come to one of your shows, what would you tell them to expect before coming?

JH:  Get ready to get rowdy cause shits about to go down.


TRR:  What do you feel is the biggest misconception someone has about HTT, just by seeing a band photo, before ever listening to your songs?

JH:  Being labeled as a satanic band because of the blood and the way we look.  We are far from that the music and the look we have goes hand and hand.  But, it's all about the music.  We wanted to match that vibe psychically because it represents how we feel. As a band, we are heavily influenced by bands like Gwar, Mudvayne, Slipknot, etc. We're all about the live performance and music.


TRR:  When someone unaccustomed to metal hears the songs, they usually hear loud, pounding and aggressive music and sense anger in the lyrics.  But, if someone would actually listen to the words, there’s often a lot of meaning, poetry and emotion in the lyrics.  What’s your thought on that?

JH:  Honestly, that's what HeadTrip is all about.  If you listen or read the lyrics, they're all about mental health and daily struggles.ff  It's more than just a sound. What we're trying to do here is be the voice of the voiceless and help some people get through the toughest seasons in their life with our music.

TRR:  Do you feel metal can capture the same feelings if the lyrics were sung rather than shot out of a cannon at 1000 miles an hour and at 1000 decibels?

JH:  I feel like that's a personal preference. However, for me, either way works. What it boils down to is my connection with the music and what and how I feel.

TRR:  You do an unplugged version of Headtrip songs.  You think Peter could pull it off vocally?

JH: I don't see why not. We already covered Dead acoustically at practice and he sounds pretty solid.  Hmm.  That may be something we will have to do in the future.  

TRR:  Who are some of your musical influences?  Can be any style of music.

JH:  For me, personally, bands and artist like KoRn, Slipknot, Sepultura, Chimaria, Dry Kill Logic, Cypress Hill, Denzel Curry, Wu Tang Clan,Pantera,Limp Bizkit the list goes on.

TRR:  Musically, how have you guys been able to keep moving ahead and maintaining the motivation during the pandemic?

JH:  We've just stayed focused on writing more music, finishing up our new album along with shooting new videos for it. We can't play live shows at the moment due to Covid, however, that doesn't mean the work stops.  If anything it's only getting started. We find it best to stay busy doing what we love.

TRR:  What do you guys have planned for 2021, hoping that things return to a more sense of normalcy, from how 2020 was just a clusterfuck.

JH:  We are currently working on a new full-length album that will drop this spring along with working on some new music videos for the album.  We'll be heading back into the studio next winter for album number two.

TRR:  You’re now working with William Baker of Eye to Eye Records.  What do you feel he brings to the table that will really help you in 2021?

JH:  We feel he is very knowledgeable and has the drive to help us get to were we wanna be. It feels good to finally work with someone who truly supports our craft and wants to help us get to the next level.

TRR:  He's a great guy and very musically intuitive.  Great choice to work with him.  Anyone you want to give a shout out to or thank?

JH:  I would like to thank all of our fans, friends and family for you never ending support without you guys we wouldn't be were we are now! Also would like to personally thank my Nana Mona for believing in me when no one else did and pushed me to believe in myself to live my dreams doing what I love as a musician.

For further information about HeadTrip Trauma, follow them on Facebook

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