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By Kreig Marks, July 2024

TRR: Could you tell us about how your band formed and what inspired you to start making music together?

GH: We have all been playing music since our mid-teens and have played together in some configuration since around the same time. We were playing covers for a bit but when we decided to write our own music, Grindhouse was formed.

TRR: What would you say sets your music apart from other emerging rock bands today?

GH: We have such a wide range of influences from an influential period of music, mostly the 70s-80s. We love heavy music but we also focus on hooks and melody; we want people to be able to sing along with us when we play. We also love harmonizing our vocals into 3 or even 5 parts. I don’t think many modern bands are doing that nowadays.

TRR: How would you describe your band's sound and style? Are there any specific artists or bands that have influenced your music?

GH: I would say we’ve got influences from the Doobies and Allman Bros to Metallica and Alice in Chains and everything in-between. We come at our music from five very individual standpoints and meet in the middle and it seems to work well. We would describe our music as aggressive melodic heavy rock – it’s not an easy answer, ha!

TRR: What has been the biggest challenge your band has faced so far, and how did you overcome it?

GH: When we regrouped in 2023, we would probably say that geographical distance was a bit of a hurdle. We had one guy in Atlanta, two guys in the Charlotte area, and the other two guys about 2.5 hrs. away in the other direction. But we jumped in with
both feet and made it work so we would bounce around our rehearsals to the closest city that worked in that moment.

TRR: Can you share a memorable moment from one of your performances or recording sessions that stands out to you?

GH: We love playing live AND recording. So very different and yet there’s great joy and satisfaction in both arenas. We have especially loved going back to recording studios these past few months and re-recording our originals; it’s great to finally hear our songs
the way they were intended to be heard.

TRR: What are your short-term and long-term goals as a band? Where do you see yourselves in the next few years?

GH: Short-term would be to continue to jump back into playing more live shows; we have enjoyed bringing our music to folks who’ve never heard us and getting these great responses. We also want to continue recording and releasing our material onto
streaming services.

Long-term goals would be to continue the momentum and see if we can play larger venues either as an opener for a national act or a collaborative with a great regional act. We also want to write some new material; we have lots of ideas cooking and we’d like to
see some of these come to light soon.

TRR: How do you approach songwriting as a band? Is it a collaborative process, or does each member contribute individually?

GH: In the past, it usually would be an idea introduced by one or two and it would be just the bits of a song or a mostly completed one. Once it hits everyone’s ears, it becomes more collaborative and gets punched into a finished product. Even now, we’ve gone back and retooled some of our older tunes and polished them into something that we believe is better than the original versions.

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