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Diamante's Passion for Rock

"I was 17 and wanted to make Rock music. My mom had no previous music business experience, but she is a business genius. Together, she and I navigated the music industry (making a lot of good decisions and mistakes along the way)."  Diamante Azzura Bovelli

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Diamante Azurra Bovelli is passionate about Rock music. She has opened for Whitesnake and now has a second album out, American Dream, which features a choice remake of the single, "Iris" originally by the Goo Goo dolls (singing alongside Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin" on the song). Her vocal sound is reminiscent of Paramore, and also seems inspired by Halestorm. Her voice soars above the guitar driven, Hard Rock/Alt songs. Diamante intrinsically loves Rock music, which makes me hopeful about women in Rock music ahead, also in how she appreciates the path-pavers of women before her.


Diamante has performed backup vocals for Garth Brooks on "The Thunder Rolls,' and did vocals on the Bad Wolves song, "Hear Me Now." Years ago, she enjoyed Musical Theater at age 10 yet, once she fell in love with Rock music, she went on to hone her skills at the School of Rock in LA. She also did gigs along the Sunset Strip. Her mom has been pivotal as her manager. Diamante was only age 17 when the song, "Bite Your Kiss," was a chart topper. Her first tour was in 2019  at  age 18 on the Blue Balls Holiday TourHer album, Coming In Hot, stormed the scene in 2018 with a #1 song at rock radio  (her collaboration of “Hear Me Now” with Bad Wolves), along with a top 15 song with her own single “Haunted”. At age 19 she began writing with Robert Benson (My Chemical Romance, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson) who taught her more about songwriting.  Diamante has toured with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Shinedown.

Currently, at age 25, about to tour again, she is truly enjoying the process. 

By: Abbe Davis, June 24, 2021

AD: Congrats on the album American Dream. I love your version of "Iris" with Ben! The songs are rocking with great production and your voice sounds so clean and cuts right through. It's exciting, and I want to know, how does it feel this time around with recording and who you are working with, do you feel you have more control at this age and stage?


DAB: Making this album was an incredibly freeing experience! My producers Howard and Neil really encouraged me to tell my personal stories in the way I wanted to tell them, vulnerabilities and all. The creative process this time around was much more collaborative for me as an artist, and I am so proud of the final product!


AD: It sounds great. So let me ask you this: In 2020, you left your label. How and what made the change happen for you?


DAB: My parting from the label was very abrupt, and a surprise to me. I was out on tour when I got the news, and although I was taken aback and sad, I had no time to fall apart over it. My thought process was, "OK,  this sucks, but what is my next step to move forward?" I had worked way too hard by that point to even contemplate giving up, so that is where American Dream was born.


AD: That's the Rock drive! Tell me about how you got to sing backups for Garth Brooks, and then singing with Bad Wolves, who and how did that come about? 


DAB: So when I was making my first album with Howard, he was also making All That Remains' album at the same time. Howard's studio was always an incredible vibe, with artists and songwriters coming in and out every day. I met Phil just from hanging out there, and when he decided to cover "The Thunder Rolls", I was asked to come in and sing backup vocals. The collaboration with Bad Wolves came from being on the same label, the CEO of the label had the idea to put us on the same song and have us tour together. 


AD:  Interesting how the right time and place matters. In 2014, your mom got producers to work with you? What was her sales pitch like? Can you tell me how that went and how does your mom know about the Music business to go after this and be your advocate?


DAB: Ha Ha. I wasn't around much at the beginning of the business side of things, so I don't know what the exact pitches were, just that I was an interesting artist to work with at the time, because I was 17 and wanted to make Rock music. My mom had no previous music business experience, but she is a business genius. Together, she and I navigated the music industry (making a lot of good decisions and mistakes along the way).


AD:  I love how you both work together, that is really great to hear. Tell me, and you can only choose one Rock Woman, who has inspired you the most, as a female rocker?


DAB: That's so hard! If I had to pick one, I would say Joan Jett, just because she made the prospect of entering the Rock industry, at 17 years old, much less intimidating; knowing the adversities she overcame and conquered. 


AD:  It's true, she and the Runaways went through a lot. I want to hear about your best experience meeting a rock icon on a tour. Did you speak with them and how'd it go? 


DAB: When I was 18, I had the opportunity to tour with Whitesnake, and I was very star-struck when David Coverdale came up to me, on the first night of the tour, to introduce himself! I'll never forget how he was such a class act.


AD: I've heard that he is, very cool that he introduced himself like that. Tell me one of your most embarrassing stories in Music. In the past five years, does anything jump out at ya?


DAB: Luckily, I don't have anything too terrible, but there have been a number of times where I've accidentally dropped the mic into the crowd, while people I looked up to were watching side-stage! I'm sure I've also tripped on stage once or twice just knowing me. 


AD: LOL, it happens to everyone at one point or other. When do you feel that you will look out at the audience and feel you have "Made it?" do ya think. What would that look like through your eyes?


DAB: When I am playing Wembley Stadium!


AD: No doubt! For younger, inspired female rockers to read this, if you spoke to a 14 year old Rock 'n Roll kid, a female who is about to get into the music business, what would your advice be to her?


DAB: My advice would be to always stand up for yourself, but also stay humble. Never become complacent, but also trust the process. When you face opposition, choose to thrive off of it. Never lose your passion for music, and never forget why you started in the first place. 


AD:  That's great advice! What is happening with you from now through 2022?


DAB: I hope to be touring internationally! So far I have only toured in the U.S. and Canada, so I am sure there will be some overseas shows happening in the near future. I'm also always writing new music, so I would not be surprised if more music is out by then. 


AD:  We look forward to hearing more songs! Keep rocking it, and, who do you want to thank in Music?


DAB: I want to thank all the female Rock artists who came before me and paved the way! 


AD: Amen to that! Thanks for your time, Diamante. It has been a treat! 

DAB: Thank you, and thanks, Tru Rock Revival.

Abbe Davis, Editor of TRR, Singer/Songwriter


Abbe Davis is Editor of TRR and the lead singer of the Hard Rock band, Sordid Fable. She has performed alongside  legendary Blues artist, Buddy Guy, and formerly with Day of Colors nationally. She co-hosts The Tru Rock Show. Abbe is presently recording an EP with Sordid Fable for release in 2021/2022.

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