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Breathing Theory is a five piece band from Cocoa Beach, Florida, whose music is composed of heavy riffs, melodic leads, and gripping lyrics. 

The origin of Breathing Theory began in 2008 originally as a three piece outfit, and a differently titled project. With the evolution of the band and dynamic development, the line up shifted to a five member band. Welcoming an additional guitarist and new drummer, settling into the current line up, forming a sound of their own, and grew into a regional juggernaut. Opening for bands such as: 12 Stones, Flaw, Future Leaders of the World, Eye Empire, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, BobaFlex, Motograter, and Smile Empty Soul. Breathing Theory is proving to audiences everywhere their mainstream commercial but heavy hard rock appeal will reach the masses. 



"I connected with music as early as I can remember. Maybe 4. My grandpa was a singer and my dad was always singing on long drives and pretty much every we were. It's always been apart of my DNA and I simply aligned with that at like 10 years old."

~Cory Britt

By Kreig Marks, August 2022

KM:  Hey Cory.  Let’s hear it.  Tell us about Breathing Theory.  How did you guys get together and what keeps you together?


CB:  Well, I started the band in my teens and over the the years I kept focused on the destination.  Member by member the universe brought us together, through something as simple as craigslist.


KM:   You're not the first band I've heard of who found members through Craigslist.  That's a hit or miss.  You guys have been together a while now, since around 2008.  What challenges have you guys faced in keeping things together?   Have you ever been close to just throwing in the towel?


CB:  Well, we've definitely faced lineup changes, lost money and argued about what needs to be done. Despite the times we were on the edge of giving up, we just decided to buckle down and fight harder, and it's worked out for us. 


KM:  Your new song and video, “Beautiful Disaster,” let’s hear about it.  Take us through the writing and recording process. 


CB: That song started with Collin playing a guitar lick. I quickly heard something in the tune and started singing. It kinda just poured out. The best songs usually do. Beautiful Disaster is a song recognizing that technology is quickly consuming us and could one day result in the worst outcome. The song also takes on a more intimate feel if you look at it from the perspective of a humanoid being realizing they are a beautiful machine that could take us over…


KM:  That's pretty deep.  It really touches on what's going on in society today. 


CB:  For sure. 


KM:  “Mom, Dad, I’m gonna be a rockstar.  That’s what I want to do with my life.”  When did you know that was what you wanted to do and what was their reaction?


CB:  I connected with music as early as I can remember, maybe at the age of 4. My grandfather was a singer and my dad was always singing on long drives and pretty much everywhere we were. It's always been apart of my DNA and I really aligned with that at around the age of 10.


KM:  Who’s your biggest critic?  You or someone else?


CB: Definitely me. I over analyze myself and try to push myself to meet my own standards.

KM:  Always looking to improve yourself.

CB:  Absolutely.


KM:  Tell me a bit about your childhood growing up in Rocket town, USA, Cocoa Beach.  I’m a Floridian myself and you really never get used to the heat.


CB: I actually grew up in the middle of nowhere NC. It was all the back and forth to Florida to see my mom that whispered in my ear; "leave this country place and go chase your dreams in Florida."  So I've been settled in as a Floridian since 2007-2008. You get used to the heat but it's never not hot. haha


KM:  What was it like the first time you heard your hit song, “Fireflies” all over satellite radio?  Did you have to pull your car over to the side of the road and just take it all in?


CB:  I had fans messaging us that they heard it on music choice and I was like, "wow we are in satellite radio!" One day I heard it playing and was just like, man it's definitely an amazing feeling to know something you wrote and created is published and released somewhere for the world to hear.


KM:  That must be a huge thrill.


CB:  It was, still is. 


KM:  Let’s hear about the most memorable show you guys have done or one that you feel really stands out? 


CB:  I'd say there are little special places all over the country that we love. Many places we've made new fans and friends for life but I do think the festival stages like INKcarceration or Blue Ridge really are the best times.  The crowds we have experienced playing the House of Blues was absolutely amazing. Nothing compares to standing on stage looking out at sea of people there for you and hearing them sing along while we perform.  That itself is so awesome.


KM:   Now that everyone seems to be out on the road again touring after the pandemic shook things up for a few years, do you guys have a full schedule for the rest of the year?


CB:  Not yet but we are working towards it soon. Stay tuned and keep a lookout for new shows and tour dates!

KM:  Thanks Cory.  We'll keep an eye open for you guys to hit the road soon.

For further information about Breathing Theory, visit their website at

Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In his spare time Kreig is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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