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Rock 'n Roll Roulette 

Fast paced, rapid fire, and unedited   


Green Day is an American rock band formed in the East Bay of California in 1987 by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, together with bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt. For most of the band's career, they have been a power trio with drummer Tré Cool, who replaced John Kiffmeyer in 1990 before the recording of the band's second studio album, Kerplunk (1991).

"What’s next, disallowing same sex marriages, outlawing tattoos? I’d be pretty fucked there.  Taking away freedom of speech?  Freedom of expression?  Our country was built on these rights and many of these fucks, these extremists, want to take this away."

~ Billie Joe Armstrong

KM:  Hi Billie.  Welcome to Tru Rock Revival.  We’re going to feature you in the Roulette section for October.  Are you ready to get this started?


BJA:  Yes sir!  Let’s take this for a spin.


KM:  I heard you and your wife had been hanging out on Miami Beach the past several days.  Just taking a break from from the tour for a couple days?


BJA:  Yeah.  We had a couple days off from the tour so my wife Adrienne and I and Mike [Mike Dirnt, bassist for Green Day] and his wife Brittney joined us.  It was a much-needed break for a couple days. 

KM:  How is it possible to take a break on Miami Beach?   Wherever you go I'm sure people were following you and taking photos.

BJA:  You know, it's all part of the gig.  I'm used to it.  As long as no one stepped over boundaries.  The important thing was just getting away for a few days to catch my breath. 


KM:  You and Adrienne have been together a long time now.


BJA:  Married for close to 30 years. 


KM:  How have you lasted all this time?  Rock 'n Roll marriages seem to be short-lived.


BJA:  Love, respect, understanding and maybe because I’m away from the house, from the family for months at a time when we [Green Day] are on tour, when I get back home it’s like a fresh start, a courtship.  For us, it’s worked and I’m very grateful for that.  Adrienne is great.  She’s my best friend and really understands me and for some reason still loves me after all these years. LOL.


KM:  You made some big headlines a few months ago with the whole Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade.  Tell me a bit about that.


BJA:  You know, there’s so much bullshit in this world and there’s no place for the Supreme Court, or for that matter, any court, to be able to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her own body.  I’m a realist like most people, I hope, but you know, there’s a boundary that was crossed here and it’s a bunch of fucking bullshit.  What do we tell our kids, our daughters, as they’re growing up?  “Oh, you can’t do that, you can’t get your ears pierced because it goes against the rights in our country.”  “Why dad?  I want to get earrings.”  “Well honey, you can’t because the Supreme Court says you’re not allowed to do that."  That's where we're headed if something doesn't change now.  Not later, now!


KM:  Do you think that’s a bit extreme, that thought process?


BJA:  It’s an example of our fucking government overreaching.  It’s total bullshit and something has to be done about that. But, with the way the whole fucking GOP is set up now, nothing would surprise me.  What’s next, disallowing same sex marriages, outlawing tattoos? I’d be pretty fucked there.  Taking away freedom of speech?  Freedom of expression?  Our country was built on these rights and many of these fucks, these extremists, want to take this away.


KM:  Why do you think Trump is still being supported by all these politicians?


BJA:  Man, that guy must have a lot of dirt of them.  That’s got to be the only reason.  He probably has secret videos of Lindsay Graham getting pounded by some dude in a hotel, Ted Cruz probably soliciting some prostitute.  I’m sure Trump has dirt on all of them and they’re still scared to death that he’ll release those videos or that information if they don’t continue to support him, at least publicly.  They’re a bunch of pussy ass fucks.  I wanna know who has video of those supposed prostitutes pissing on Trump.  But you know, even if those were released, his followers would say something like, “aw shucks, the poor girl had to really take a piss and was afraid to wet the sheets and look at what this great guy Trump did. He used his own body, sacrificed himself, so she wouldn’t wet the sheets.  That’s a great guy!”  This is how those people think.


KM:  I hear ya.  I heard you registered to put your hat in the mix to run for President in 2024 as a Republican.  Any truth to that?


BJA:  You know, I’m a diehard Democrat and love Joe Biden.  But, if I get my name on that ballot and that Fucktard Trump decides to run again in 2024, and I can steal a couple million votes from that asshat and help keep him out of office, hell yeah I’ll do it.  He’s a vile piece of shit who only gives a fuck about himself.  And, all those who support him and his bullshit agendas are ignorant as fuck.  He doesn’t give two shits about them, you, me, anyone but himself, and his followers believe he’s the Messiah.  He could give a fuck about any of them.  You think he’s going to break bread with some redneck and his wife from buttfuck Arkansas?  He’d sell his own kid if it made him a couple $. The guy needs to go.


KM:  So, you’re filing to run for President is legit?


BJA:  Yep.  Totally legit. 


KM:  What does Adrienne think about this?


BJA:  She’s my biggest supporter.  She knows I'm a bit off but still my biggest supporter. 


KM:  OK.  On to Green Day.  You guys have been together since 1987.  That’s a long time.  How do you guys keep the fire going?


BJA:  We love what we do.  We love writing, recording, performing, meeting people, sharing our love of music with others.  There’s nothing like it, nothing I’d rather be doing. 


KM:  “Jesus of Suburbia,” still your favorite Green Day song?


BJA:  Yeah, it really is.  It’s a blast to play live and the song has so much meaning, for me.  It’s an emotional song and never gets old or stale. 


KM:  “Oh therapy, can you please fill the void?
Am I retarded, or am I just overjoyed?”


BJA:  “Nobody's perfect, and I stand accused.
For lack of a better word, and that's my best excuse.”


KM:  Strong lyrics.  


BJA: Yeah, very strong.  A lot of meaning in those lyrics. I’ve been approached by a lot of people who feel the same.  I’ve never been one accused of pulling punches in thoughts or words.


KM:  I remember sitting in front of my TV several years ago watching the making of the “American Idiot” video.  You guys looked like you were having a blast.  Was it as fun as it looked?


BJA:  Man, that was an awesome time.  We had so much fun creating that video. The energy in that studio was just insane.  


KM:  Are you guys working on new material? 


BJA:  Yeah, we are.  We hope to have it out sometime in 2023.  We’re always writing, always trying new stuff and we’ll have it finished sooner than later.


KM:  How do you top what you’ve done so far?


BJA:  We don’t set out to try to surpass anything we’ve done before.  We just want to write and share our love of music with all our fans.  And, when you come to one of our shows, if we can help people forget the bullshit they’ve had to deal with for a few hours, then we’ve been successful.


KM:   I know you’re short on time Billie.  Thanks for taking the time for Tru Rock.  This has been pretty cool.


BJA:  Thanks Kreig, this has been fun.  Thanks for keeping it real.  And, thank you Tru Rock Revival Magazine! 

Green Day - Wikipedia

Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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