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By Kreig Marks, August 2022

KM: Hi guys.  Welcome to Tru Rock Revival Magazine.  We've recently relocated to Asheville and we're featuring some of the top rock bands in North Carolina through December so, that's why you're here.  Let's get this started.  Tell us a bit about the band.


AM: We are a four-piece band from Wilmington, NC. We love to play covers ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Jane's Addiction to heavier bands like Alice in Chains and Metallica. We enjoy writing our own music when we aren’t playing live performances, and we're working on our debut album, which should release early next year. 


KM: How did you meet?  What's your story?


AM: Josh met Landon when Landon was playing with his old band downtown. Nico found Josh on Instagram through a mutual friend who reposted one of Josh’s drum videos. Nico and Owen grew up together and have been playing together since they were around 11 years old.


KM:  Who are some of your influences?  In "Chips" I hear some Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar years.  In "Phantom of Her" I hear the influence of Creed and Alter Bridge. "Burn Me Down" is Alice in Chains meets Days of the New? What’s your verdict on that.


AM: All of us have diverse tastes in music. We enjoy bands like Alice in Chains, Metallica, Soundgarden, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Pearl Jam and lots more.


KM: Who's the primary songwriter in the band? 


AM: We try to keep it a mutual process, but usually Owen and Landon write most of the lyrics, whereas, Josh and Nico have written many riffs. Also, Landon has written a few songs on his own from his previous band that have carried over.


KM:  How's the music scene in Wilmington?  Our friends from Hollow Intent are another very good Hard Rock band from Wilmington. 


AM: It has its pros and cons. We have played at some good venues and some bad venues, but at the end of the day we have great support.


KM: Good to hear. You guys have a very diverse background, and solid music resumes.  All of you are very skilled musicians with university- level education. Do you think that's helped you all as a band?


AM: Yes, it has helped us a lot especially with songwriting.


KM:  You're invited on a 6- month tour with 5 other bands you idolize.  Collectively, who are these bands?


AM: Alice In Chains, Periphery, Metallica, Korn, Pantera and Rush.


KM: Nice! Which one of you is going to go all "Fan Girl" on that tour? 


AM: Josh would definitely be the one to fangirl for sure! 


KM: LOL. So, the dream tour is ending, and you'll have one last show in your hometown before taking a break for a few weeks. Where is this hometown show going to be and why that venue?


AM: Small-scale venue would definitely be Seven Mile Post, a large -scale venue would be Live Oak Pavilion. Seven Mile Post because there is always an energetic and supportive crowd, as well as a great staff. Live Oak Pavilion would be our large-scale pick because it’s such an amazing venue, and it would be a blast to play on a huge stage like that.


KM: Any shows scheduled for Asheville in the coming months?


AM: Nothing scheduled in Asheville as of now, but it’s a place we would love to visit as a band in the foreseeable future!


KM: Well, we hope to see you soon. Anyone you'd like to thank or give a shout out to?


AM: Our parents, our supportive fans and our idols that make us want to play every day.

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