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Tru Rock has relocated to Asheville!

Notes on a move...

If you ever want to hear passengers, who haven't seen many mountains become emotional during a car drive, just head North in South Carolina, up the first large hill (see Mts in the distance). You will hear, "Oooh… many mountains, wow!!" And it went that way for miles, as I kept playing the Spotify list “Move to NC.” Also, while I had to reposition our stubborn Shorkie (shitzu-yorkie, don't ask) away from our elder dog (Shatzi's) bed in the front passenger seat.

We are now here in Asheville - after two days of driving my SUV in front of Kreig's sporty car, both cars jam packed, luggage rack on the roof of my car, with the two kids and the dogs; all guitars and gear in Kreig's car. We can't wait to see the house we put an offer on virtually, and we drive. And then we drive some more. Fairview is not far away from Asheville per se, yet this feels like many miles, given the drive we just made to AVL. Next, we get stuck at a fork in the road, whereby some guy (our new possible neighbor) is just staring at me, expressionless, fixing his tire in his driveway. I may or may not be on his driveway. Yet, what's really on my mind is how my SUV, without four-wheel drive, is almost stuck in the mud on this thin nonpaved driveway, and on a steep incline. No lie, if I close my eyes, I"m leaning back on a Disney rollercoaster here.  I maneuver my car onto the correct driveway, and, although the realtor (who expected us tomorrow) can't be there to show us the house, we peek through the window and holy crap! The rooms seem like abbreviated versions of the virtual videotaped rooms we had seen. We back out of that home purchase immediately.

Anyway, it is home three now. This one looks like it may make the grade! Meanwhile, since we are just not AirBnB types of people, we are in a hotel suite of 350 sf. It has been two and a half weeks now. Things we love are: the indoor pool that nobody frequents, and the rooftop green space with panoramic views. When we get frustrated, we go up there and remember why we are here. The mountains are just beautiful.


I am not going to say we don't have our days. The dogs are in a pen we brought, yet the elder one barks so loudly when they play, that we allow them to run freely around dinnertime (yeah, we will take them on park walks soon). We hope in two weeks that we can finally be in our home. On weekends it gets interesting! Smell weed in an elevator, see many workers and tourists. Feels odd to almost well up with tears of joy on Sundays, when the crowds leave. I think I saw Kreig wave to one from the front parking lot, but I can’t be sure.

The first few days in Asheville were about figuring out how creepy Tunnel Rd could be. Oh look! It's a woman yelling at nobody. We saw a guy batting the wind, a man with funky pants chanting in a hotel parking lot, and a woman and her kids on the median, with a nicely worded sign. Yet, unlike South Florida, people hand over their dollars to homeless people (or fake panhandlers? Ask a local, they have ideas about it). My daughter couldn’t believe it. “Mom, in Asheville people give them money!”

The mountain driving takes getting used to, signage on the highways are more about once you are actually at that exit, "Oh, you figured it out! You'll get the hang of this." This town has mega colored hair everywhere, lotsa coffee and beer places, and many barbell nose rings. We are now living in a mini-NYC. Progressive, artsy, green, walkable, nature-y, we love it!


I don’t wanna seem ultra- sensitive here, but for all the times I've been impatient with slow drivers in So Fla, my karma has arrived. Would drunken, wirey, toothless males please stop flipping me off on the highway, or screaming out their car windows, “FUCK!! Go back to Florida!!” when I miss a badly marked highway with no sign before it? Even Waze is confused often around here.  Hear my bandboy guy singing to me in one sentence "Turn riiiggght (pause)  turn lehft" Back to those wirey guys, if ya get wasted and are flying down the road at max speed, should you really yell at drivers who are obviously from out of town? See my Florida plate.... Get it? Out of towner, figuring this out! All I am saying is...give Ab a Chance

Back to hotel life, our bratty Shorkie, Buddy, has become an angry objector and protector of his family, or he just has one hell of an ego. I can’t bring him down to the lobby via elevator without someone thinking he is adorable, until he almost chews their hand off, even from the leash I have him on. Turns out Buddy, counter to his name, doesn’t like many people. I had no idea. How did I miss this? Buddy can be an asshole. (See photo, don’t be fooled). I find myself saying to people, while I tug on his leash to no avail, “He has to be socialized, he’s only a year old, I'm so sorry.” It’s not even fun to see someone approach him and then lurch backwards in fear. "He must be protecting you, it's okay." (see person yank back their hand and walk away). 

Around town we hike, try beer, or Cheerwine, have some Boba tea, and eat at new places. While we wait, to keep the sanity, we jump in lakes, hike, go to lookout points. And then, one night…it happened!! We drive to Craggy Pinnacle (for the sunset view) and on the way up the mountain, out of the woods pops a mama black bear with her three cubs, twenty feet in front of my car! I slowed, we didn’t have time to get any photos, and for their shape and size, they are swift creatures! One cub flew up the tree and posed like a koala would, assessing us with his gorgeous, big brown eyes. I'll never forget it. Our first bear sighting, better than imagined. 

Things we love: Skinny Dip Falls (which shut down due to a drought since). We also love HomeGrown restaurant on Merrimon. A tiny place for a great homecooked meal. Lexington Glassworks was fun, seeing them blow the glass into vases or platters at maximum rod heat. Rock ‘n Roll! Note: Everywhere you go around town Rock 'n Roll is played in stores or shops, and a lot of folk/acoustic music, too. It's very cool. One night I hung out at Salvage Station and enjoyed a Folk/Country trio, and then some eclectic (with violin and horn) Rock music. Will get band names next time-I was in an adjustment re-set phase that night.

Before I ask another local morea question, thank you to the hundreds of people who have given us their phone numbers or reached out about the Ortho/Neuro & Energy healing center we are opening, or about this magazine. We can't wait to get to work and go out and hear bands and connect around town. We kind of just need our house and to be set up first.

Things I have questions about, what is with the love of Pimento Cheese around town? People even make it all crumbled in a sandwich. Why does every Target here seem like a natural disaster hit it and now, their emergency team is still trying to make a relief plan, but can't find the main controller of the emergency plan? I asked a salesperson who said it was because they need to hire people and are having a tough time hiring. Wait, there are so many homeless people who seem to need jobs on Tunnel Rd, if you rehab them, then.... I have no idea. It's an issue though.

What?!! Did you say you just spotted a BEAR?! Take me there! Take me there!

Keep emailing us about those local bands, breweries and live music venues you like. Also locals, tell us what not to miss in AVL.

Peace 'n Love 'n Rock 'n Roll, Abbe Davis 

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