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Who is your favorite scream-singer in hard rock/metal?


ADAM: Tough to nail it down to one person, but I’d have to say Corey Taylor


Here is what these guys like about Halloween:


ADAM: I am a huge fan of horror, so Halloween time is basically my Christmas, haha. Plus, I feel like Halloween/Horror, and hard rock/metal music, go hand-in-hand. It’s a time of year where the outcasts are celebrated. 


MIKE: I grew up loving horror, gore, makeup, and FX.  This is a more appropriate holiday to celebrate such things, than say, Feb 14th.


TYLER:  I love Halloween, mostly because my birthday is 4 days prior to it. Plus, all the pop-up shops where you can buy cool masks, and house decorations, lol. 


CHRISSY: I like it because I get to play “EXTRA” dress up. I’m already spooky looking as is, haha. 

What scares you guys?


ADAM: I’m not scared of much. But, as lame as this is going to sound, I am terrified of bees. 


MIKE: The streaming numbers for our genre


TYLER:  I fear nothing, except for heights. 


CHRISSY:  The scariest thing for me is Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. “Allllllriiiigghhtttttyyy-then”




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