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Abbe Davis band is a Hard Rock band out of Asheville, NC. Band members are Rob Flewell on guitar, Ray Kurtz on bass, and Noel St. John on drums. Abbe has performed alongside legendary Blues artist, Buddy Guy, at the New River Blues Festival,  and performed at the Parkland Memorial Tribute concert a few years ago in South Florida (with previous band, Sordid Fable). She has played shows on the east coast with various blues and rock bands. The band will record new singles in November. Their hard rock style is similar to 70's rock mixed with 90's grunge, including arena rock ballads. Abbe is also editor of the online international Rock magazine, She has interviewed Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC, Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp, Lita Ford, Jimmie Vaughan, Anthony Kiedis (RHCP), Nita Strauss, Volbeat and more. "I feel grateful not only to be able to ask these amazing musicians about their stories, many of them also inspired me to get into music."  Abbe has also been an intuitive healer since 2020. "Music connects to a lot of people out there and it also heals.  It helped me thru lots of hard times so I hope our music heals many people out there. The world needs so much music and healing." 

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