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NASHVILLE, TN July 10 - Some of the the best rock songs are the ones that were almost
never released. "Testify" was recorded a couple of years ago, virtually, by rock supergroup Devil
City Angels, including Rikki Rockett (Poison), Topher Nolen (John Corabi), Joel Kosche
(Collective Soul) and Brandon Gibbs. It's especially important to Rockett who loved the jam
and put his heart and soul into it after battling cancer and resuming his music career. While some
of the original Devil City Angels members had moved to other commitments, Rockett, Gibbs,
Kosche and Nolen worked closely to bring it all together.

"I've only been in one other band and that's Poison," says Rockett, "so I put a lot into this and
hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it." Ironic to what the music
industry is currently facing, the group actually recorded the song remotely. They even shot a
video during one of Rockett's days off the Poison tour, but nothing was ever released.

There's a powerful message in both the song's lyrics and Rockett's personal perseverance. So at
long last, "Testify" is making its debut. "Given the turmoil right now, we feel like it's the right
time to put out some good rock and roll with solid guitar riffs and drum grooves," shares
Rockett. "Testify" will be available on all digital platforms Friday, July 10, at 12am EST.

Garage Rock duo, THE DODIES, have released their imaginative new animated video for single "Alien" off of their debut album It’s One Hell of a Ride.

"Alien" Stream/Download link:

It's One Hell of a Ride Stream/Download link:

"I wrote Alien when I was a patient in one of southern Israel’s psychiatric departments. I would often refer to myself as an alien that speaks a different language and has a different understanding of things than humans do. I wrote the song in accordance with how I felt whether it was a “wrong” way of thinking or not. It was my truth and I wanted to stick to it with a sort of ‘fuck you, I’m depressed’ attitude. Although the lyrics are harsh and the instrumentation is aggressive, I did my best to keep the song melodic" says Yoni.He adds, "The day Bumblefoot first pushed us to make an animated video I thought “Uh fuck, no way that’s gonna happen. I don’t even know any animators I can trust”. I felt bummed out about it, and I was also nervous because that same day I was trying to plan my girlfriend's surprise birthday party. I had no idea what to buy her so I went over to my parent’s apartment to ask my Mom for help. She just happened to be in the right position to see an old drawing notebook that was covered under a pile of old novels, my dad bought it for me In high school but I never used it, she said “why don’t you just draw her a portrait?” that’s when I knew I was going to be the animator for the video. I rushed over to one of the only “art shops” in our town in southern Israel. I was their last customer before the two-month shutdown, a lucky break. My girlfriend and I started developing the ideas for the video right after the shutdown started; we were convinced it would take a couple of weeks at first (lol), but it just kept developing. We began drawing and painting for hours almost every day, it nearly pushed our relationship to the brink, but she believes in the band and she’s a great artist. She did way more than she had to. So did our cameraman friend Eden Zemer. He could’ve taken a shitload of money for all the weeks he spent editing this, but he grew up with us and he always believed in what we did. The process ended up taking more than four months."

Ran adds, "The last few months' unfortunate events have given us a lot of unexpected free time. So we decided to use that time and make something we had never attempted before - making an animated music video. At first, the song Alien may sound intense for the cartoons we created. But the more you watch the video, the more you realize it fits the song perfectly. Thanks to all the nuances we worked on for months, the final result accurately captures what The Dodies are all about. This is, without a doubt, the most ambitious video we have made."

The Nomadic has released their new single "Manhattan View"

"Manhattan View" Song link:

Australian guitarist and singer/songwriter Robert Gaylard brings a unique perspective and vision when it comes to creating music. His inspiration and passion for starting The Nomadic began early on as a child after traveling to many countries like Myanmar (formerly Burma), Singapore and the Solomon Islands. His “nomadic” lifestyle continued on into his adulthood when he began to work for the United Nations in various countries such as: Kenya, Somalia, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Israel and Palestine. His travels eventually brought him to New York in September of 2012 and motivated him to pursue his songwriting by establishing an indie rock band.

In the year 2019, Rob took a one year leave of absence from the UN to follow his musical passion and focus specifically on songwriting and live performance. The Nomadic released its debut single “Drifting” in September of 2019, "Waiting" was released in April of 2020 and "Beyond Blue" in June. The band is set to release a series of songs including: “Walk the Streets,” “Grand Mistakes” and “Under a Georgia Sky.” Influenced by artists like Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve, Bruce Springsteen, Phosphorescent, The War on Drugs, Arizona and the 1975, The Nomadic produces a sound genre like no other as alternative rock meets blues with hints of Americana and pop.

"Manhattan View" is the 4th single released by the Nomadic, following on from "Drifting", "Waiting" and "Beyond Blue". Singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard describes the song as "a tribute to this amazing city New York, that welcomes people from all over the world to come and pursue their creative and personal dreams, and has been through such a difficult time in the last few months. The song is my ode to New York, a city that has become like a second home to me, where there is something magical in the air, something so amazingly creative that you feel like absolutely anything is possible!" says Rob.

Having been originally influenced by numerous cultures and ways of life, The Nomadic promotes and advocates for issues of social action and innovation, human rights, support for minorities, as well as doing the next right thing, including the idea that it is never too late, including for people to follow their dreams and passions.

The Nomadic - Beyond Blue - Official Video:

The Nomadic - Waiting - Official Video:

The Nomadic - Drifting - Official Video:

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