Tru Rock Revival A&R Division

Are you ready to break away from the local scene and take your music to a broader audience, nationally and internationally?  


Tru Rock Revival guarantees hand delivery of your music to the top Publicists, Music Publishers, Record Labels, Film & TV Music Supervisors

Many people submit their music everywhere, only to never hear back from key people. Let's face it, there are so many bands out there these days. Now, through the success of Tru Rock Revival, our magazine wants to connect the artists right to the key industry people. The best part is, we hear you, we screen it so we know who is best for your style of music, and this is tailored per band, per style, (yet it must be some form of Rock  music). If your band has the music, initiative, and the sound, we have the contacts.



When you sign up as a member of our A&R Services, here is how we connect you:


1. One conference call to set up your digital profile and to figure out the goals and style of who you are.

2. A critique of the EPK Marketing tools you provide to us.

3. Feedback from label or labels about what is needed, or whether or not to sign you.

4. As per song or songs you send in to us, we submit them to our A&R professionals for a complete honest and objective review, and they do the rest.

5. From there, our group of people will decide which publicist, label, manager is best for you.

6. Submissions must be in the genre of ROCK.

7. You may submit as many original songs as you like, as often as you like, for the term of your membership.  

8. To further your exposure, once your song(s) is reviewed and accepted by our A&R professionals, we will also feature it within Tru Rock Revival Magazine for the term of your membership, where a captive audience of over 850,000 monthly viewers, including music executives, will have the opportunity to hear your music. 

NOTE: We have already signed artists and believe in connecting artists to the right executives; people who make it happen. If we are able to help you connect with a label and you sign a recording contract, that deal is 100% your deal, not ours. 


Membership Benefits:

Your membership will have your songs and music listened to by some of the top artists, executives, producers, publishers, writers and musicians in the industry.  They will give you honest, objective feedback. Your membership is like having a dream team of music professionals in your corner at all times. 

Your music will be objectively reviewed for the following:  Musicianship, Lyrics, Arrangement, Production, Vocals (Lead and Back-up), Engineering and, Marketability.  Based upon this review, your song(s) will either be returned to you with objective comments (for you to make the appropriate changes) or forwarded to the industry professionals.